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Just slide this Fiber optics scope under any door and see inside other rooms.

The concept is simple, this Fiber optics tube has the ability to bend light.

Slide it under doors, slide it into cracks, or holes and see a clear image inside other rooms.

Slide it in and see the insides of pipes, engines, small spaces, hard to reach spaces...

See images near or far.

Can see the same as your eyes can in low light conditions.

Can be screwed on to camcorders with optional camcorder adapter

Diameter of fiber tube=2mm

45 degrees field of view.

Standard Length=3 1/3 ft. or 1 meter. ( Optional length up to 10 ft. or 3 metre

3 1/3 FT. (1mtr) PRICE $580.00

6 2/3 FT. (2mtrs) PRICE $780.00

10 FT (3mtrs) PRICE $830.00



State of the art instrument for covert observation, allowing the user to survey the interior of a room by looking through the "peephole" door viewer from the outside. This Reverse X-Scope will work with any kind of "peephole" viewer.  Designed for reverse observation through conventional peephole lenses.  The Reverse X-Scope allows you to see into a room.   No more guessing at who or what you will encounter when they answer the door, which is a great aid to Occupational Health & Safety! No set up necessary.  Just place it over any peephole and see inside any room.

PRICE $108.00



Night Vision scopes and binoculars are electro-optical devices that intensify (or amplify) existing light instead of relying on a light source of their own. The devices are sensitive to a broad spectrum of light, from visible through infrared. An accessory illuminator can increase the light
available at the infrared end of the spectrum by casting a beam of light that is not visible to the human eye.

You do not look "through" a Night Vision product, you look at the the amplified electronic image on a phosphor screen. 
Light enters the Night Vision product through an objective lens and strikes a photo cathode that has a high energy charge from the power supply. The energy charge accelerates across a vacuum inside the intensifier and strikes a phosphor screen (like a TV screen) where the image is focused. The eyepiece magnifies the image.

A Night Vision phosphor screen is purposefully colored green because the human eye can differentiate more shades of green than other phosphor colors. Like cameras, Night Vision products have various image magnifications. The distance at which a human-sized figure can be clearly recognized under normal conditions (moon and star light, with no haze or fog) depends on both the magnifying power of the objective lens and the strength of the image intensifier. The maximum viewing range of the Moonlight product is from 30mtrs to 120mtrs. 



Battle tested endurance, Built-in IR, Superior optics, Easily removable, Compact and lightweight
Includes Lens covers, User manual, Warranty card, Case (optional), Straps



Field of View


Dioptric correction


Interpupilary distance

58 - 72 mm


40-50 lp/mm

Focus range (m)


Power supply

3V (2AA)

Battery life with I/R

24 hrs

Operational temperature

+40C -40C

Weight, lb





Tracking Stolen Valuables

Outdoorsmen- Wildlife Tracking

Kidnap Recovery

Law Enforcement- Find Suspects In The Dark

VIP Security Escorting Coordination

Tracking Valuables

Environmental Surveys- Test Thermal Insulation

Management of Truck and Auto Fleet Vehicles

Find Electrical Hot Spots

The HEAT STALKER is a battery operated, optoelectric device which is capable of detecting changes in temperature radiated by objects over 500 feet away. While able to sense the infrared radiation emitted by objects warmer than 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the instrument is particularly sensitive to the heat which is radiated by humans and animals. The relative intensity of the infrared radiation coming from the object, as compared to the background, is indicated on the LED bargraph display in the rear panel. The number of red LEDs will change according to target size, temperature, and distance. Temperature changes of 1 degree centigrade (responsivity) can be detected. The sensitivity is adjustable to allow for use indoors or outdoors. This device is now being used by security personnel to apprehend suspects and conduct surveillance. Using the HEAT STALKER, a security officer can scan an area without exposing his position with a light. Recently operated vehicles are easily spotted from heat radiated off of the engine. It is possible to detect humans at distances in excess of 500 feet and small animals at a range of 200 feet depending upon field conditions. By scanning the walls or ceilings of a structure, the HEAT STALKER can monitor the temperatures to indicate concealed concentrations of heat. Excessive heat in the electrical wiring or lighting fixtures can be found and voids in thermal insulation located. New applications for this high performance, economical device are still being discovered


Standard 9 V. Battery


2.33 in. x 6.5 in


12.2 oz. (including battery)


8 - 14 microns


Moisture Sealed PVC


-4 to +185 Fahrenheit



Target Area:

22 ft. x 32 ft. @ 500 ft





High Performance Day / Night Sight

Hand-Held Monocular Type Instrument

The compact Laser Rangefinder is a hand-held monocular type instrument with a 10 kilometer ranging capability. Ideal for surveillance or military applications such as target ranging, combined receiver/transmitter and sighting telescope optics make this one of the most convenient models available. The Laser Rangefinder features a single "fire" button which instantaneously displays range to target in its eyepiece. Adjustable reticle illumination extends use under low light conditions. Variable minimum range setting eliminates false readings caused by echos reflected from closer targets. Rechargeable battery provides 600 shots on a single charge. Modular design and single channel concept ensures ease of maintenance and provides the possibility of integration into fire control systems



Field of View:


Eyepiece Adjustment:

-4 to +2 diopters


+/- 5 m


200m min. to 10km max

Minimum Range Gate Adj.:

200m - 3200m continuous



Beam Divergence:

0.7 mrad


1.5 kg

Power Supply:

12V NiCad, 225 mAh

Shots before Recharge:

600 min at 20 C




MEGABEAM IR-6 Illuminator

Compact, Lightweight And Weatherproof

6,000,000 Candlepower, 12 VDC Operation, Compact, Lightweight and Weatherproof, High Impact Construction, Night Vision and Video Compatible

Search and Rescue, Visible and Covert Surveillance, Night Photography and Video Production, Navigation and Signaling, Military and Plant Security, Non-Lethal Defense and Intimidation, Utility and Industrial Inspections

This lightweight hand-held searchlight uses a short arc Xenon lamp as the source. The lamp is positioned in a highly accurate, rhodium plated reflector and produces a very concentrated white beam, which can illuminate targets more than a mile away. The spectral distribution of its "sun-like" light provides excellent color rendition and target identification. The MegaBeam's portability and other design features make it ideal for long-range search and surveillance in all environments. The body is fabricated from injection molded, high impact plastic. It is physically designed to attach on and operate with the optional battery pack. The MegaBeam can be remotely connected and operated at distances up to 100' from the battery or other appropriate sources. The body of the MegaBeam contains the regulator and ignitor electronics on a printed circuit card and is scaled against the elements. All fasteners are of stainless steal construction. Total weight of the unit is less than five pounds (2.3 Kgs.). The 75 watt Xenon lamp is coaxilly positioned in a precision, deep parabolic, electroformed, rhodium reflector. The body is of black anodized aluminum housing, creating a prefocused lamp module. The beam intensity is 6,000,000 candela. Color temperature is approximately 6,000 Kelvin. Detection of the light source is approximately fifteen degrees off the center beam axis when viewed from a distance of 500' or more. The lamp has a life of 500 hours with proper maintenance


6,000,000 Candlepower


1 to 40 Variable


6,000 Kelvin


75 Watts


500 Hours


3.2 lbs


5.4 lbs


5.6 lbs


11 lbs




Miniature Rangefinder

Monocular, Fluxgate Compass And Electrical Rangefinder In One

Guaranteed totally waterproof. Rubber buttons with grips for slip-free hold, even when wet. 1 year warranty. 5X30 roof prism monocular. Uses the highest quality optics and permanent focus design. Fully coated lenses for great resolution and brightness. Illuminated for night viewing. Built in rubber eyecup for comfort. Folds down for use with glasses. Compact. Internally gimballed through +/- 20. So you don't have to hold it perfectly. Ideal for accuracy


Surveying, Geophysical exploration, Marine, Forestry, Firefighting, Military


Bearings, Running Fix, Locating waypoints, Backup compass, Position Fix, Collision avoidance, Determining range to waypoint


Hiking, Orienteering, Cross Country Skiing, Birdwatching, Camping, Hunting


Perimeter Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue

Clock Type:

Quartz crystal real-time clock

Time Readout:

12 or 24 (user selects)

Time Memories:

9 (recorded in conjunction with bearings)

Changes in time:

Calculated automatically between bearings

Compass Type:

Digital fluxgate


+/- 20


+/- 0,5





True North Display:

Yes (user enters variation)

Bearing Display:

3 modes: Instantaneous, averaged or continuous

Bearing Memories:


Changes in Bearings:

Calculated automatically


Degrees or mils (user selectable)


Handheld- 45" (L) x 1.7" (W) x 2.4" (H)


11.55 oz


Totally waterproof, fogproof, shock resistant

Temperature Range:

Operating: -20 to +70; Storage: -20 to +70


3-Duracell DL2025 3V lithium batteries (or equiv)

Power Consumption:

Sleep mode: 0.02 mA; Display mode: 0.7 mA

Battery life:

6 months to a year (depending on use)

Low Battery:

Automatic indicator


1 year

Monocular Type:

Roof Prism



Objective Lens:

30 mm

Fully Coated Optics:



Yes (gas filled, hermetically sealed)


Permanent (adjustable for vision)

Field of View:

9 (472 feet at 1000 yards)

Exit Pupil:

6 mm


User determined (metric, english or any other)




Night Sight

Hand Held Night Vision

Choosing a Portable Infrared Camera Has Just Gotten A Lot Easier

CCS has long been regarded as a leader in infrared technology. Now the Night Sight takes our proven technology one step further. Introducing the hand-held infrared camera, the Night Sight, that will revolutionize the industry,. The applications for this type of equipment are unlimited.

Surveillance Applications
Law enforcement, indoor grow detection, border patrol, perimeter security, forest fire fighting

Industrial Applications
Predictive maintenance inspection for power transmission and machinery, process monitoring, roofing, energy audits and building diagnostics

Marine Applications
Oil spill response, search and rescue, navigational aid.


Rechargable camcorder battery (6VDC)


<3.5 Watts


"Standby" mode


> 4 HRS with supplied battery


-20 degrees to 49 degrees Celsius


-40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius


Splashproof (EIC pub 529 IPX4)


0 - 95% non-condensing


EIA RS-170 NTSC (RCA Jack)


RS-232 serial communications port


Uncooled ferroelectric (320x 240)


7 to 14 microns


Thermoelectric Cooler


30 Hz (real time)


<25 sec @ 25 degree celsius


75 mm; f/1.0

Field of View:

12 degrees x 9 degrees


8 feet minimum to infinity


2400 ft


9.5 x 4 x 4


2.6 pounds





Improve Your Perimeter Security At Night

Efficient Night Time Surveillance, 1.7 Magnification Lens, Turns Night Into Day

The inability to see clearly in the dark has long been a problem for those conducting night time surveillance and perimeter security, as well as for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters and adventurers. At CCS, we've turned the art of seeing at night into a science with our revolutionary night vision systems. The Night Spy represents our latest achievement - a powerful, hand-held night vision system which gives you the power to see clearly in complete darkness. By utilizing the most minimal ambient light, such as that cast by the moon, the Night Spy provides you with near-perfect vision when you need it most. Security and surveillance experts have long recognized the benefits of a powerful night vision system such as the Night Spy. When the difference between being able to see or not is life or death, superior night vision becomes indispensible. The Night Spy can be used in total darkness. The system also provides you with up to 1.7 X magnification so that you can see every detail crisply and close-up. Most importantly, the Night Spy is designed to be lightweight and hand-held so that it won't encumber you in the slightest, and can be used on the run. Because at night, you will often encounter the unexpected, the Night Spy is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, and it has a special tube protection device to protect against over exposure. If your operations require long, fixed-location surveillance, our Night Spy can be mounted to any standard tripod. Versatile, powerful and effective, the Night Spy is perfect whether you are conducting the serious business of surveillance and security, or if you are simply searching for a way to open up an entirely new and exciting world for your hunting or other recreational uses

Power Source:

3V DC, 2 AA Batteries

Battery Life:

40 Hours

Infrared Illuminator:

Built in


182 mm


65 mm


100 mm


700 gr



Field of View:


Focusing Range:

25 cm to infinity

Objective Focal Length:

50 mm

Diopter Range:

+/- 3



Predator G-3

The Next Generation in Night VIsion

Small, Lightweight, Hand-held binoculars, Ideal for Surveillance, For Outdoor Use

The basic idea behind night vision is to take in available ambient light and intensify it. The light intensification process involves converting light energy into electronic energy. This means converting the photons; light particles you can see. The front objective lens on a night vision unit focuses all available light energy onto a photo cathode plate, which then converts the light photons that hit its surface into electron particles. An integrated IR light source can be switched on to enable you to see in complete darkness. CCS has accomplished this with one of its most portable pieces yet. The Predator G-3 is the newest in a long line of Night Vision devices from CCS International. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the G-3 is among the most powerful Night Vision units available. The Predator G-3 comes with a lens cover for daytime viewing. Options: 3X Telephoto Lens, Head Gear.





1 x


40 degs


5" to 400'




+/- 40


Two (2) 1.5 volt Duracell AA


14 hours


5.3" x 2.2" x 4.2"





Multi-Purpose, Lightweight Modular Starlight System

Photographic-Quality Custom Eyepiece, Automatic Gain Control, CCS's Commercial Version of 3rd Generation, Can Detect Visible and Infrared Light, Automatic Brightness Control, Switchable Active Infrared Light System

The Predator SUPER-GEN miniature night vision pocket scope fits in one hand, but don't let size deceive you -- it's quite a powerhouse! A combination hand-held viewer and night-lens system, this lightweight, inexpensive starlight system is so versatile that it is used by many government agencies. An optional exclusive photo adapter ring screws into a 55mm step-up ring for immediate 35mm SLR, C-mount CCTV and camcorder use; no costly relay lens assembly or other purchase is needed for observation, photographic or video use. A tripod socket is designed right into the housing. State-of-the art Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) is standard, as is a bright-light protection system. A constant image is maintained even when a signal flare or muzzle flash enters the field of view. The automatic gain control system maintains uniform image illumination when viewing during changing light conditions such as twilight. A built-in active/infrared LED light system provides a switchable low-level active type system when needed. The Predator SUPER-GEN pocket scope can detect infrared as well as visible light. State-of-the-art 18mm wafer-type image tubes make this a high-performance unit with increased photocathode sensitivity and luminance gain that is equivalent to military specifications 3rd generation products. Field-changeable accessories let you configure your Predator SUPER-GEN system according to your needs. Versatile and powerful, the cost-effective Predator SUPER-GEN is a wise choice for undetectable short-range night vision use, ideally suited for all missions that require maximum power with minimum encumbrance

Power Source:

3V DC 2 "AA" Batteries

Battery Life:

40 Hrs. + IR Illuminator Integral

Image Tube:

Type 18mm, Super-Gen


130 mm






0.46 kg



Field of View:


Focusing Range:

50 cm to infinity

Objective Focal Length:

25 mm

Eyepiece Diopter Adjustment:






Completely Self-Contained In A Lightweight Pair Of Goggles


Completely self-contained in a lightweight pair of goggles, the Predator 6 is one of the most convenient systems of infrared viewing. Simply strap the face mask into place for unencumbered "hands free" viewing. The Predator 6 uses available star or moonlight to illuminate the viewing subject. Its built-in low level infrared source allows close-up detail work as well as patrol, search and surveillance. The optical system consists of two focusable objective lenses, two image intensifier tubes and two adjustable eyepieces. Each tube contains a built-in high voltage power supply with automatic brightness control (ABC), and includes bright source protection (BSP). A miniature mercury battery (or "AA" Size battery) is housed in the goggles body. For near viewing tasks, such as control panel or map reading, a built-in auxiliary infrared light source is provided. For maximum safety the source is activated only when an opposite switch is pressed. The instrument is affixed to a face-mask secured to the operator's head by means of self-tightening straps. After switching on and adjusting the instrument, the operator has his hands free for driving or for any other purpose. The Predator 6 Goggles are supplied with a specially designed polycarbonate carrying case, internally cushioned with moulded plastic foam and equipped with a shoulder strap


10 mm


Fiber optics, 18 mm


12.000 fi/fc typical






Approx. 20 hours


950 gr


10 (-5) to 1fc








25 cm to infinity, adjustable


1.5 mrad


less than 4.6%


+2 to -6 diopt


60-72 mm




High Performance At Low Light Levels

Low Distortion Optics, Lightweight - 550 Grams, Allows Full Peripheral Vision, Automatic Brightness Control, Completely Self-Contained, Meets U.S. Military Specs

The Predator 15 Day / Night Vision Imaging System's advanced design, light-weight (550 grams), monocular assembly can be mounted on a variety of helmets. Simple to operate, the system is powered by a single 1.5 volt "AA" alkaline battery. The Predator 15 is particularly well-suited for helicopter pilots flying night missions. This system enables pilots to carry out search operations under moonlight or starlight conditions. The Predator 15's "drop down" storage feature means that the unilocular assembly can be dropped out of the way whenever the operator wishes to make use of the extant natural or artificial illumination. The visor continues to remain fully operational. The Predator 15 is designed to minimize wearer fatigue. The weight of the monocular unit is counter-balanced by the single battery power pack which is mounted under the night vision. The lighter overall weight also leads to greater comfort during long missions. The system is constructed of GE engineering plastic, the strongest and most chemical-resistant available. The state-of-the-art Predator 15 technology incorporates a GEN 2+ image intensifier with new extra-low-distortion output optics. This tube offers high performance, reliability and matched precision optics that are unchallenged in the industry. By employing cutting edge gallium arsenide technology, the Predator 15 system delivers crystal-clear vision even under extremely low-light conditions. Operational tube life has been extended to 2,500 hours for GEN 2+, providing high performance for the duration of even the longest covert or overt missions.


1.5V Alkaline "AA" (one)

Operating time:

25 hrs w/ alkaline battery 50 hrs w/ lithium battery


On/off switch w/ bypass position for hand held or helmet use, Automatic shutoff activated when removed from mask

Spectral response:

Visible and near I.R.

Image intensifier:

18 mm generation 2nd plus (optional 3rd generation)


25mm F/1.5 Fast objective lens

Field of view:

40 degrees


Adjustable +2, -6 diopter



Scope Weight:

415 grams

Face mask weight:

158 grams




Most Advanced IR NV 5000

A professional, long range device, features:

35000x Light Gain

Over 100 yds Range

1 ft to Infinity Focus

1.5 x Magnification

Built in IR Illuminator

20 degree Field of View

20 Hours Battery Life

Measures 5.4x3.4x1.7"

Wgt 9.5 oz




Covert B&W Pinhole Camera FR1 and FR2

Featuring brand new microchip technology, the FR1 is small enough (pocketsize!) to be used anywhere without ever being detected! It features 240 line resolution, Sens<.9 lux (f1.4), and a S/N ration better than 42dB! That's not all, this modern miracle will run for 24 hours on a standard 9 volt alkaline battery! The FR2 also includes a lensmount with a 6.5mm lens and field case




All the quality and features of the FR1 and FR2, plus, infared technology! Features IR sensitivity from 770-840 nm, 380 line resolution, .2 lux Sens., wide angle 110 deg. and auto iris with electric shutter. Runs on 7.5-14.5 VDC with a focus of 5" to infinity! For all those dark surveillance areas, a high performance camera, and as with the other models in our FR line, small enough to fit in your pocket



Waterproofed Professional IR Camera

Similar to the above unit, yet highly advanced, durable and weatherproofed. Perfect outside surveillance for your home or office. This is a professional IR cam, of the Highest Quality Available




Night Hawk Binoculars

The Nighthawk has been one of the most popular night vision binoculars since its introduction to the U.S. market two years ago. Versatile for extended hand held surveillance, it appeals to the professional and recreational user. Popular with sailors, wild life enthusiasts, and professionals alike, the Nighthawk offers excellent performance at a cost that's thousands of dollars less than other similar night vision binoculars.



NZT-1 Night Vision Scope

This metal encased unit is an excellent choice as an introduction to night vision optics. Its designed for ease of use and allows an illuminator to easily be attached enabling one to view in both starlight and complete darkness. Produced by the renown Rostov Mechanical and Optical plant in Russia, the NZI-1 can withstand everyday use and still deliver excellent performance. Its machined aluminum case is rugged while the styling is both ergonomic and contemporary.



VCR Hidden Camera

Fully functioning 4 head VCR conceals built-in camera for self contained recording. No external wiring or pinhole. Front panel and "RECORD" indicator deactivated for security. Completely undetectable! B&W, 380 lines resolution, 3.6mm wide angle lens, low light, .5lux, IR sensitive.



Pager Hidden Camera

Small pager conceals built-in camera. B&W, 380 lines resolution, 3.6mm wide angle pinhole lens, low light, .5lux, IR sensitive. 12vdc, 8+hours continuous operation, on/off switch controls power and activates compatible recorder. Miniature super-flex cable allows easy concealment. Molded RCA connectors for durability, color coded to match standard recorder input jacks.



Pager Hidden Colour Camera

Pager conceals a hidden built-in color camera. 330 lines of color resolution. 3.6mm wide angle pinhole lens, 2.5 lux. 12vdc, 3+hours continuous operation, on/off switch controls power and activates compatible recorder. Miniature super-flex cable allows easy concealment. Molded RCA connectors for durability, colour coded to match standard recorder input jacks.



Watch Hidden Camera

Watch with hidden built-in camera. B&W camera has 380 lines of resolution. 3.7mm wide angle pinhole lens, low light, .5lux, IR sensitive. 9vdc, 3+hours continuous operation. Miniature super-flex cable allows easy concealment. Molded RCA connectors for durability, colour coded to match standard recorder input jacks.



Briefcase Hidden Camera

Genuine leather case conceals camera that provides a front facing view when upright. Wireless keychain remote activates compatible recorder. Concealed wiring allows full use of case. B&W camera has 380 lines of resolution. 3.6mm wide angle pinhole lens, low light, .5lux, IR sensitive. 12vdc, 8+hours continuous operation.



Exit Sign Hidden Camera

Hidden camera housed in stylish exit sign. Easy mounting. Illuminates immediate area for night viewing. Perfect for hallways and doorways. 12 Volt DC power supply included.




* 1/3" CCD camera
* Built-in electronic shutter
* Over 420 lines of resolution
* Only .03 lux
* Housed in a convex shoplighting mirror
* Ideal for Retail covert surveillance
* Comes complete with 4mm wide angle lens
* Operates on 12 VDC power supply included
* Available with optional audio capability



Recessed Light Hidden Camera

* 1/3" CCD camera
* Camera is housed in decorative recessed light fixture
* Built-in electronic shutter
* Over 420 lines of resolution
* Only .03 lux
* Perfect for new construction or refurbishing
* Head of light if fully adjustable
* Comes complete with 3.6mm wide angle lens and 12VDC power supply



Wall Thermostat Hidden Camera

* 1/3" CCD camera
* Over 420 lines of resolution
* Built-in electronic shutter
* Only .03 lux
* Housed in a real working wall thermostat
* Blends in to any environment inconspicuouly, completely covert
* Comes standard with a 3.6mm wide angle pinhole lens
* Operates on 12VDC power supply included



Emergency Light Hidden Camera

* 1/3" CCD camera
* Over 420 lines of resolution
* Built-in electronic shutter
* Only .03 lux
* Housed in a real working dual spotlight emergency light
* Completely covert
* Complete with 4mm wide angle lens (78 degrees of viewing angle)
* 12VDC power supply included



Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Experience an exceptional field of view with this 1/3" CCD disguised smoke detector camera with audio. A 400 line resolution and electronic iris control gives you a sharp image in a variety of light conditions even as low as 0.3 lux. Audio output is 3OOmV at 600 ohms. A 12 volt DC power supply is included.



Security Camera

* Audio and video capability lets you see and hear!
* Sony chip technology
* 60 feet of camera cable with RCA plugs included
* Multi-purpose black & white camera can be used in low light
* Connects through your VCR for recording purposes.
* Connects to all TV's with input jacks
* 1 Year limited warranty

Kit Includes:
Camera with built in microphone, 60 ft. of cable, power supply, and instructions.



Weatherproof Security Camera

* The ideal security camera for outdoor use
* Sony chip technology
* 100 feet of camera cable with RCA plugs included
* Multi-purpose black & white camera can be used in low light
* Connects through your VCR for recording purposes
* Connects to all TV's with input jacks
* Adjustable lens allows improved quality



Colour Security Camera

* Sound and video capability lets you see and hear!
* Sony chip technology
* 60 feet of camera cable with RCA plugs included
* Multi-purpose full color camera can be used in low light
* Connects through your VCR for recording purposes
* Connects to all TV's with input jacks
* Adjustable lens allows improved quality
* 1 Year limited warranty



Black & White Security Camera

* Sound and video capability lets you see and hear!
* Sony chip technology
* 60 feet of camera cable with RCA plugs included
* Multi-purpose black and white camera can be used in low light
* Connects through your VCR for recording purposes
* Connects to all TV's with input jacks
* Adjustable lens allows improved quality
* 1 Year limited warranty



Security Camera Switcher Control Box

* Controls up to four cameras
* Allows any combination of cameras to be monitored by a single TV, monitor or VCR
* Auto scan function allows sequential viewing of each camera
* Variable timer adjusts duration of each camera
* "Home" setting for the selection of a single camera
* "Bypass" function eliminates camera from sequence
* Includes 4 sets of video and audio inputs
* Red LED indicators for power and camera selection



ST-100 World's Smallest Wireless Video Camera

This tiny wireless video camera and transmitter will transmit up to 300 ft. or more. It runs for 12 hours on one 9 Volt battery. Black and white. Uses Amateur Radio Frequency. 434 Mhz - transmits to a television (channel 59) or VCR. There is no special receiver needed.



Bullet Camera Model #CAM3P

This is a Bullet Camera with a pinhole lens. It is weather resistant with a mounting bracket for easy hanging. Great for a front porch or a window frame, small enough and easy to hide. The 1/3rd inch B&W chip has 420 lines of resolution and 0.1 Lux. Also an electronic iris that adjusts for all lighting conditions. We include all the accessories you will need to plug right in to your own VCR or TV.



World's Smallest Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit

The ST-101 is the same as the ST-100 wireless camera & transmitter, only you add the camera of your choice. Includes the ST-102 900Mhz receiver. Fine tuning adjustment. Standard RCA audio & video outputs.



Pinhole Spy Camera Model #CAM1B

Our high-resolution board camera is all you need to catch a thief, nanny, or any other undesirable person. You can hide this quarter size chip camera inside a picture frame, teddy bear, or desk lamp. All you need is a regular VCR to record up to 10 hours of evidence. Not wireless, uses a 6ft included RCA cable to connect to TV or VCR.



Ultra Miniature Pinhole Camera Set

* High resolution 420 TV lines
* Low light 0.1 lux/f2.0
* Can view a complete room through 1/32" hole
* Size: 25mm x 25mm

Kit Includes: Camera with battery pack, power supply and instructions.



Wireless Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

Simply plug into any AC receptacle & transmit the video signal up to 300 feet. Comes with a receiver (not pictured) that plugs in any VCR or TV for recording & monitoring. One year replacement warranty



Waterproof IR Camera MODEL #CAM4

See in complete darkness with crisp clarity up to 10 feet away. There are 6 infrared LED illuminators inside a black water-tight housing with 60 feet of cable included. You can hang this camera with its adjustable mounting bracket. Put it in a fish tank under water if you want. There's no limit with this one. Just like all of our cameras, you get everything you need for easy hook-up to your VCR or TV.



Colour Spy Cam Model #CAM5

Our standard version comes with a 5mm pinhole low light lens. The size is 34x34x150 with " CCD. Small enough to fit inside a pager housing or picture frame. The vivid color images from the CAM5 will prove itself worthy of telling weather the person came in with a red shirt and left with a blue one. Makes detecting a shoplifter a lot easier. Indoor use only.



B&W Low-Light Pinhole Pens Security Camera Kit

This high resolution camera comes complete with everything you need to start your own video security. Just plug the camera into any video-input on a VCR, TV, monitor or video transmitter, and you're in business.



Pinhole Lens Attachment for Camcorder

A pinhole lens converter which attaches to any camcorder with either an 8mm or 11mm pinhole lens. Standard 52mm or 37mm mounting thread allows you to add step-up rings to fit any camera.




Car Antenna Video Surveillance System

Silent & Discreet, Lightweight

The AE-62/CAV is the newest development in CCS's commitment to pioneering the most sophisticated and innovative designs in surveillance technology. Without sacrificing the key functions of video pan, tilt and zoom, our engineers have micro-designed an incredibly compact and versatile surveillance camera.

Cleverly disguised inside a car antenna is a miniature camera lens - completely undetectable, yet powerful enough to magnify any subject up to three times. The AE-62/CAV's 12 to 75 mm zoom lens is secured to the body of your car. While the vehicle may appear to be empty for hours, continue taping and adjusting your camera from a remote location.

The AE-62/CAV gives you the versatility of multiple camera views to watch a door, a store front or an entire block. Our precision pan, tilt and zoom system enables you to position the lens exactly where you want it and then magnify that image to pull in every detail.

The AE 62/CAV can be installed with the monitor and control panel mounted inside your car, while the receiver and antenna remain secured in the trunk. Should you need complete covert recording, install the camera in your trunk with a transmission system linked to the receiver and monitor in a remote location. You can also control the pan, tilt and zoom options from this separate location.

To ensure its safety, we have designed the AE-62/CAV so that the recording unit can be securely fastened in the trunk of your car. It is easily powered by your car battery, and should you need to operate the camera for an extended period of time, you have the option of installing a second car battery to power the video system continuously.

CCS's AE-62/CAV state-of-the-art video system gives you an entirely new set of options for your video surveillance techniques, expanding the scope and quality of undercover videotaping.


14.5" x 14.5" x 12.25"


7 lbs


270 Deg


30 Deg. Max. (Up or Down)


Runs Off Standard Car Battery



Disguised Sprinkler-Head Video Lens

Disguised in a standard pendant fire sprinkler head, the CL-3000 Covert Lens System has an adjustable iris and head that can "see" in a 360 degree field of view. It can also be adjusted downward and to the side.

Two focal lengths are available. The 11mm f/2.5 "sees" a 10' x 13.5' field of view at 15 feet. The 22mm f/3.3 "sees" a 5' x 6.5' field of view at 15 feet.

Easy to install, the CL-3000 Covert Lens System attaches to "C" mount cameras. The lens requires only a 5/8" hole in the ceiling (same size as a regular sprinkler head) for installation.

The CL-3000 is an excellent way to discreetly monitor manufacturing facilities or shopping areas, as well as secure installations.


Up to 32 per PC


Up to 32 per PC


22mm / 11mm


f/3.3 - -f/2.5




Manual or auto iris


2/3" or 1/2" camera




2/3" camera - 11mm; 1/2" camera - 22mm


"C" mount, 1"/32 thread


Chrome or polished brass


6 oz





Clock Radio Covert Video

Video Camera is Discrete, 110 or 220 VAC Power, Exceptional Video Pictures, Connect Directly to your VCR

Who would suspect a video system to be concealed within a functioning alarm clock radio? Here is the masterly art of miniaturization which is powered, along with the clock and radio, directly from either 110 or 220 VAC. The system is ideal for use in home monitoring applications. Due to its unique disguise, the camera can shoot pictures discretely even from close up. A 1/4 inch CCD image sensor 280K pixels horizontal resolution of 380 TV lines, minimum illumination 0.5 lux at F1.2. Auto electronic iris 1/60 - 1/10,000 (iris control) provides unsurpassed image quality.

The alarm clock video is an excellent way to discretely monitor manufacturing facilities, office waiting rooms, and the home environment, such as the baby's room.

The alarm clock radio can be used in conjunction with your home video recorder, or can be used with the complete line of CCS video accessories.


Protect against employee fraud, Protect your children while you're not there, Line protection against voltage surge, Office waiting room monitoring, Will work with standard home video recorders


12 VD / 115 AC


3 lbs.


5" x 11" x 4"




3.6 mm



Memopad Video

Fits into breast pocket


Wide Image


Government and law enforcement agencies as well as world media are sending commendations for the new CVS-3021 video system as an investigative and news gathering tool. Built into a memo pad that will fit into a breast pocket, it is designed for surveillance applications where positive candid identification is required.

The CVS-3021 body cam uses a miniature flat chip camera with a concealed lens. An optional miniature video transmitter relays to a remote observation post. The body worn video system includes camera, lens, video transmitter and antenna contained in the vest which is worn under your shirt. Power is supplied from a rechargeable battery belt. A video receiver is included for use as a remote observation post; or can work as a self contained recording system.

The memo book video camera uses an ultra-thin monochrome video camera and features a slim 36mm profile, including its built-in 5mm, F/1.6 auto-iris lens, making it ideal for covert concealment. Images are clearly defined even in light conditions as low as .4 lux while its 1/3 inch CCD circuitry produces high resolution video images.


3 1/8" x 5 1/4" x 1/16"


1 oz


500 H


12 VDC, 150 mA


2:1 Interlaced



Covert Video Sunglasses

Records what you see

Built-In Micro-mini CCD Camera, Super Low Lux Camera Available in Black and White or Color, Images Can Be Recorded in Real Time with a Standard Video Recorder, UV Protected, Photo Sensitive Lenses

Designed to blend with standard commercial lenses, the CVS 3500 Video Sunglasses incorporate a built-in microminiature CCD camera that allows the capture, in perfect focus, of everything viewed by the sunglass wearer.

The super low lux CCD camera, available in black and white or color, has virtually no front element exposure and renders maximum surveillance under the most natural covert environment.

Captured images can be recorded in real time using a standard video recorder, or fed into a video transmitter for remote parallel surveillance anchor recording.

The CVS 3500 Video Sunglasses include frame with lenses, built-in CCD camera, video amplifier, AC charger, and custom fitted carrying case.

Practical? Oh yes, you know it. As long as you're wearing your shades, everything you look at, everyone you talk to, will be captured on video. You need not worry about focusing the camera; you are a walking tripod.

There is no cumbersome video equipment to carry- the optional CVS components fit neatly into a small waistpack. The CVS 3500 is by far the most discreet way to record important events, meetings, confrontations, etc. with your subjects being none the wiser. You get it all on tape and you look cool too.

Audio option where legal.

Image Sensor:

1/3 Inter-Line CCD

Built-in Lens:

3.6mm 92@ FOV

Effective Picture:

51 OH x 492V NTSC

Horizontal Resolution:

330 Lines (Colour); 38O Lines (B&W)


0.5 Lux (Colour); 0.2 Lux (B&W)

Video Output:

1 volt p-p

Electronic Iris:

1/60-1/30000 Sec



Gym Bag Covert Video

Covert video recorder, Pinhole lens, High resolution image

The CVS - 370 Gym Bag Covert Video Recorder is an unsuspecting housing to find a hidden camera.

Designed for discreet concealment, the recorder uses 8mm video format cassettes for up to 4 hours of recording time. Its built-in 4 inch color monitor allows simultaneous viewing of images being used for later playback review.

The CVS - 370 is powered by either 110/220 VAC power via an AC adapter/charger, internal rechargeable battery pack, or optional cigarette lighter adapter for flexible use. The CVS - 370 provides "picture perfect" documentation when you need discrete mobile video recording.

The complete package of miniaturized camera, video recorder and monitor are concealed within a normal gym bag that allows you to covertly record even while on the move. Turn on your video Gym Bag by a simple internal switch.

A discreet pinhole lens and miniature camera implanted into the base of the Gym Bag provides a high resolution image to the built-in video recorder.

Completely portable, the CVS - 370 Gym Bag Covert Video System can be used anywhere a gym bag can be taken. Audio option available where legal.



Video Briefcase

The CVS-380 (briefcase) and CVS-390 (speaker) were designed for discreet video recording in either office or home situations. The complete package of miniaturized camera, recorder and monitor are concealed within a normal attache case or a stereo speaker.

Drop the back of the CVS-390 stereo speaker with the turn of a knob for immediate access to the video recorder. Or turn it on from across the room with a hand-held remote switch. The camera will do the rest, positioned inside the speaker box with a candid view of the room.

Turn on your briefcase by a simple adjustment of the combination lock, or use the manual switch inside. A pinhole lens and seed microphone implanted into the side of the executive-style attache case will provide a high resolution recording of the boardroom. All people will see is a normal briefcase! (Now available in either Italian leather with brass fittings, or durable hardshell case.)

In these disguises, both the CVS-380 and CVS-390 can remain for hours without drawing unnecessary attention... but still offer the flexibility of moving the camera from room to room, building to building. Completely portable, both systems are powered by rechargeable internal battery pack.

The Video-Briefcase may also be connected to any wall outlet for unlimited use. Depending on your needs, CVS-380 and CVS-390 can also be equipped with optional low-light or zoom-lens to enhance the quality of your recording. Later events can be replayed time and time again: the business meeting that requires visual confirmation, a home burglary, etc. The contents of your home during a potential burglary. Both systems provide "picture perfect" documentation with recordings of up to 4 hours per VHS tape.


18 1/4" x 12 7/8" x 5 1/4"


3 3/4" x 2 3/4"


6 oz


Rechargeable Battery or AC Outlet


525 Lines, 2:1 Interlaced


0.9 W


7 lbs




Elevator Security

Designed for Total Elevator Viewing

Looks like a standard mirror but provides total viewing of the four walls and floor. It even sees the corner under the camera and the hall through the open elevator doors with the ultra-wide angle 2.5mm lens provided.

The plastic steel housing renders the unit tamper-proof since all cameras, mounting, and electrical access holes are within the secured area. The micro Cyclops is only 4 1/4" high and is specifically designed for the small solid state CCD cameras. Easy installation is accomplished by the use of only four mounting holes. Uniquely designed for monitoring elevators, the Cyclops meets all fire regulations requiring that TV cameras be installed without disturbing existing fire walls.



Digital Video Monitoring, Recording & Transmission

Turn your PC into a video recorder

Just plug CCS's DVR-4 into the printer port of your desktop computer or your favorite notebook computer, connect up to 4 video cameras, & optionally 4 alarm switches to the Digital Video Recorder,and you are ready to experience the power of a computerized security system.

Once the program is started, just click on any one of the 4 video icons, and a Video Window is created which allows you to monitor the location where you have a video camera setup, all in 16 million colors. You can display the video in any size you want and you can easily drag the video window anywhere on your VGA screen. With this versatile system, you can monitor up to 4 different locations simultaneously. You can still perform other useful functions with your computer while monitoring all 4 locations by placing the 4 video windows in a suitable location on the screen.

When an intruder enters a protected area, your sensor is triggered and the signal is sent to your computer via one of the DVR-4's alarm inputs. You can choose to sound an alarm (with a standard or user specified computer sound file), or to remain silent during the event. Your computer can be instructed to record the event into its memory, complete with the time, date and video signals while the alarm remains in effect. Meanwhile, you can see exactly what is happening through one of the video windows while the entire event is stored onto your hard drive. Optionally, you can also instruct your computer to pop up another window to display the floor plan of the location where the alarm is triggered. This can help you take the appropriate action to deal with the intruder.

When the event is over, you can use your computer as a digital video player to playback previously recorded video at different rates or browse through them frame by frame. Unlike regular VCRs, you can instantly move from the end of the video sequence to the beginning of the sequence by the touch of a button. Video is always played back at exactly the same resolution and quality you have selected, time after time without any degradation. You can also generate a hard copy by sending the selected video frames to your color printer. You can also save selected video frames onto a 3 1/2" floppy or any convenient media. Our highly efficient compression technique allows you to save an average of 280 full colour video frames on a diskette. You can record as much as 2.5 days of full color video sequences to your 1GB hard drive if you set up the system to record at the rate of 1 frame/second.

When you are away from the premises that you are protecting, you can still guard your premises by instructing your computer to record all video signals at user-selectable intervals and at the fastest speed, if an alarm has been triggered. If your computer is equipped with a modem, connect your computer to the telephone line and set up your computer to dial and send you the information at a different location if an alarm has been received. This way, you can verify if indeed there is an intruder, or if it is a false alarm. Or, if you prefer, you may dial into the local computer which has the DVR-4 connected, from anywhere around the world & check for any unusual or suspicious activity.


NTSC/PAL compatible, Works under Windows 3.xx & Windows '95, Easy Installation

Each video window can be scaled to any size & located anywhere on the screen & can even overlap. Each video displayed in B/W or in full colour. Captures & displays 4 videos in 4 separate video windows. Video captured & display in 16 million colors per pixel

4 alarm inputs, self-locking normally closed or open. Accepts DC inputs 7-40 volts, any polarity. Automatic video gain control & built-in gen-lock

Up to 15 frames/sec. refresh rate. Video brightness, contrast, hue & saturation control. Snapshot capture, timed capture or alarm capture modes

Individual labelling of 4 video windows. Playback of video at different speeds or by single frame. Excellent compression technique ensures efficient storage. Software developer's kit available


Time Lapse Video Recording, Remote Video Monitoring, Video Multiplexing, Sales & Promotion, Video Motion Detection, Low Cost Video Conferencing




Flexible Fiberscope

Allows You To Inspect The Most Difficult To Reach Places

This incredible tool allows you to inspect the most difficult to reach places. The semi-rigid gooseneck sheathing can be bent through multiple angles to clear almost any obstruction. Fiber optics, while made of glass, are a flexible material designed to withstand repeated bending and flexing. Inside the sheathing are thousands of thin fiber optic glass strands which transmit an image from one end to the other. The fiber optics are coherent, meaning that each fiber is at the precise position at both ends of the sheathing. At the remote end there is an objective lens to focus the light and at the viewing end there is a 7X eyepiece to magnify the image. The eyepiece assembly has an easy adjust focus. For best viewing adequate illumination is required at the objective end upon the subject matter. Inexpensive plastic fiber optic light guide can be used for this illumination.


70 degrees









Excellent for concealment, this plastic material looks like a mirror when viewed by the target. However, the system has spectral response to 850-950 nanometers (just one into the IR spectrum) and the light you will be using is sunlight, incandescent or IR spectrum, the camera sees right through it. This plastic will not perform well if the scene is illuminated by fluorescent lights. The plastic is 1/8" thick.

Protect important locations of your business. Concealed within a high quality frame is a sophisticated camera and pinhole lens that can monitor what's going on after you've left. Excellent covert surveillance since camera and pinhole lens are totally hidden.

Also available with wireless transmitter and receiver.


10 x 492




380 TV Lines


More than 42 dB




Electronically adjusts for lighting automatic, 1/60 to 1/100,000th sec


12V DC


1W (80mA)






6cm or 8cm Diameter



Wireless Video Pen

Discretely Video Tape from Hidden Camera

The CVS 3625 Video Pen is the most revolutionary way of recording live events that require top confidentiality and discretion. Designed to blend with a standard commercial pen, the CVS 3625 Video Pen incorporate a built-in microminiature camera that allows the capture in perfect focus of every image being experienced by the wearer. The super low light camera, available in black and white or color, has virtually no front element exposure and renders maximum surveillance under the most natural covert environment. Captured images can be recorded in real time using a standard video recorder.


battery 4 x 1.5V


2oz w/ battery


4.37"(L) 0.92"(dia.)




3.6 mm



Tie Camera

Discretely Video Tape from a Hidden Camera

The Video Tie Cameras are the most revolutionary way of recording live events that require top confidentiality and discretion. Housed in a stylish Italian ties, the Video Tie Cameras incorporate a built-in micro miniature camera that allows the capture in perfect focus of every image being experienced by the wearer. The super low light camera, available in black and white or color, has virtually no front element exposure and renders maximum surveillance under the most natural covert environment. Captured images can be recorded in real time using a standard video recorder.


DC jack


33.6 Kbit/sec.


5.5" x 3.5" x 1.25"


1 composite video BNC


4 composite video BNC



VHS Tape Camera

No one will ever suspect that this ordinary VHS Tape is a completely self- contained video system. We built the camera, transmitter & battery inside the VHS tape. Just plug in the battery and unit is operational (wireless version).


DC jack


33.6 Kbit/sec.


1 composite video BNC


4 composite video BNC



Book Camera

A completely self- contained video system. We built the camera, transmitter & battery inside the book. Just plug in the battery and unit is operational (wireless version).


DC jack


33.6 Kbit/sec.


1 composite video BNC


4 composite video BNC



Beeper Camera

Ideal for covert surveillance, private investigators, law enforcement, etc. On/Off switch controls camera. Battery pack included.


DC jack


33.6 Kbit/sec.


1 composite video BNC


4 composite video BNC



1/4" Colour Dome Camera - Wired

1/4" Color Dome Camera - Wired- 3.5-8mm varifocal auto iris lens- 380 Lines - 1 Lux, 12 VDC - 200 MA- 5.5 inch dia



1/4" Colour Bullet Camera

1/4" Color Bullet Camera- Auto electronic shutter- Auto white balance- 380 Lines - 2 Lux - 12 VDC - 80 MA, 3.6mm standard lens- 89mm length



1/4" Colour Ceiling or Wall Mount Camera

1/4" Color Ceiling or Wall Mount Camera- Auto electronic shutter- Auto white balance- 350 Lines - 2 Lux, 12 VDC - 110 MA- 3.6mm standard lens, - Tamperproof/weatherproof, Lexan Window- Heavy Aluminum construction- (Corner mount available ECL-341COR)- Dimensions: 63(H) X 76(W) X 92(L)mm



1/3" Colour Camera

1/3" Color Camera- C/CS mount, 420 Lines - 0.9 Lux - Auto electronic shutter, Auto white balance- Auto gain control, Auto iris conn.- 12 VDC - 140 MA, lens sold separately



Digital Eye

When movement is detected this mini-motion activated camera digitally stores the images in memory to be viewedon a TV or monitor. The digital eye also acts as a real time CCTV camera while digitally storing events. Comes with remote control(arm, disarm, panic). Works on 12 volt batterypack or transformer. The DE-42 has built in infrared technology. The digital storage circuitry can be built into most of our covert items



Patrol Vision

The best in mobile video surveillance. 360degree pan, 180 degree tilt. 24 X Zoom, stabilized color video at 75mph. The high tech weather proof video system can be mounted on a vehicle roof, for a view above traffic or to read a license plate at up to 250 feet. The unit is also great for fixed location surveillance. Unit automatically switches between color and B/W for low light viewing. With the night light attachment you can have a night vision camera capable of spotting a target up to 300 meters away. Unit can be operated by remote control or from a remote location via RS-232. Remote control comes with built-in LCD monitor(active matrix). This video system is currently employed by the U.S Special forces, U.S. Marshall Service, U.S Border Patrol and is now available to local law enforcement and civilians. The worlds only 360 degree pan tilt zoom weatherproof WEB ENABLED night vision surveillance camera and highly scaleable platform.



Z2 & Z3 CombatLights

Feature an ergonomic CombatGrip body and retention rings to facilitate the use of this flashlight with a handgun. Includes a lock-out tailcap.These are lights are an excellent choice if you want to use a two-handed grip with your handgun in a low light environment. They feature a unique ergonomic body design, optimized for using either the Rogers/SURE-FIRE or Harries flashlight assisted shooting technique, and a higher profile (momentary) switch button for easier "quick peek" switching. They are supplied with a lanyard system which attaches to the body adjacent to the tail cap, permitting retention of the flashlight if the support hand is needed for other purposes. Additionally, a special polymer holster has been developed which lets you "draw" the CombatLight directly with the correct grip and orientation for using either the Rogers/ SURE-FIRE or the Harries technique.

The Z2 CombatLight has a light output of either 65 lumens or 120 lumens, depending on the lamp assembly used.

The Z3 CombatLight has a light output of either 105 lumens or 200 lumens, depending on the lamp assembly used.

You have the option with our Flashlights - Power vs. Runtime:

Z2 2-Battery Flashlights
P60 Lamps: 65 Lumens - 60 Minutes
P61 Lamps: 120 Lumens for 20 Minutes

Z3 3-Battery Flashlights
P90 Lamps: 105 Lumens - 60 Minutes
P91 Lamps: 200 Lumens for 18 Minutes




Lasergrips revolutionize handgun laser sighting technology. Simply removing the existing grips and replacing them with Lasergrips adds a tactical edge that no other gun accessory can equal. The laser is located high on the grip panel, in close proximity to the barrel centerline, yet shielded from the abuses of heavy recoil and muzzle blast. Sensory activation allows complete, effortless control of the laser's on/off mode.The laser beam must be continual, uninterrupted and of the highest output. Energy efficient circuitry must provide for long battery life.A laser gunsight must operate instinctively with your standard training. No additional steps can be required to activate or deactivate the laser.

Beam Intensity - 5mw peak, 633nm, class IIIa laser. Maximum output that federal law and technology allow. Also available in infrared for law enforcement and military only.

Dot Size - Approximately 0.5" diameter at 50 feet.

Power Source - LASERGRIPS: Two #2032 lithium batteries (included); over four hours of on-time use and a five year shelf life.

Activation - Integrated momentary pressure switch (all models) and master on/off switch (most models).



Day/Night Camera Full color in normal light, automatically switches to B/W with infrared illumination in low light conditions. Unit is fully weather-proof. 

DN-101 B/W, 420 Lines of Resolution, .5 LUX, 3.6mm Wide Angle Lens, 9.5-12 Volt, Approx. 2 Length x 1.5 Diameter, 10 Infrared LEDs
Color, 380 Lines of Resolution, 1 LUX, 3.6mm Wide Angle Lens, 9.5-12 Volt, Approx. 2 Length x 1.5 Diameter

DN 101 - $346.50

DN 101C - $682.50


Hi-Res Waterproof Camera Great for outdoor or underwater applications. All models are waterproof up to 100 underwater B&W version has built-in infrared illuminator so you can see in complete darkness up to 20. The color LED version has white light LEDs to light up a 20 area. unit comes complete with 60 feet of plug & play cable and bracket

ST-107W B/W Infrared Camera Wired for Plug & Play Connection
ST-107WC Color Camera Wired for Plug & Play Connection
ST-107WC-LED Color Camera White LEDs (illuminates approx. 15, w/white light) Wired for Plug & Play Connection

ST-107W (B&W), 1/3 Sony CCD, 420 Lines of Resolution, .05 LUX
3.6mm Wide Angle, 9.5-15 Volt
(Color), 1/3 Sony CCD, 380 Lines of Resolution, 1 LUX, 3.6mm Wide Angle, 9.5-15 Volt

ST-107W $242
ST-107WC $315
ST-107WC-LED $367.50