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CDC Vest - Chemical Munitions

Designed for the deployment of less lethal hand held munitions. Holds (2) MK-9 OC canisters, (2) "stinger" grenades, (2) "T" series or "can" type grenades. Shoulder mounted pockets allow easy access to flex cuffs. Interior (2) pockets
CDC Vest - Launched Projectiles/ 37/ 40MM

Features: Twelve 37mm less lethal pouches with adjustable lids; Two sting ball pouches; Two over the shoulder flex-cuff inserts for up to a 34" flex-cuff; BTS system on back to accommodate gas mask, radio, etc.; The drink tube can be easily fed up and out the top and over either shoulder ; Inside zippered mesh pouches to accommodate gloves, etc.; Large enough to fit over stab, or ballistic vest
D.O.A.V .System

rugged vest system is designed for extreme abuse and use! Special features include: (4)mag pouches with internal securing straps and dividers; carries (3)AK-47, or (3)M-16 or (2)308. Securing straps used for other gear, radios, equipment, etc. Has (3)utility flash/bang pouches, (5)internal elastic keepers on left and right for pens, chemlights, etc; dual front securing system for quick expansion and water ditch ops; lower belt loops for gear belt (belt not included); side utility or flash bang pouch; (2)internal map/utility pouches; The drink tube can be easily fed up and out the top and over either shoulder ; side adjustment straps(6). Includes (2)large day packs on back for gear, helmets, food, radios, etc.

Enhanced SFLBV

The enhanced SF-LBV pouches are angle designed for increased magchange efficiency. The panels are made of nylon mesh. The shoulder straps are neck contour cut and packed with .5" closed cell foam. The internal panels have #9 YKK zippered mesh compartments. Each magazine pouch holds 2 M-16 .223 mags that are separated and kept silent by a mag divider. Ths vest holds a total of 8 .223 mags and 2 grenades. Features include: belt loops for military 2.5" pistol belts; BTS webbing on side and back  welded/anodized metal d-rings; rescue drag handle; hydration system tube routing system; and pack-strap keeper system.

This vest system is available in all colors: Black, OD, Camo and Desert Tan.

Tactical Float Vest II
Super floatable closed cell foam filled panels. The drink tube can be easily fed up and out the top and over either shoulder. The interior of both front panels have map pockets. The left front panel exterior is configured with two (2) ammo pouches that will hold three (3) M-16 magazines each secured with side release buckles and Velcro. Above the ammo pouches is a cargo pocket with an elastic weave for small items. On top of this, panel is a strobe compass pouch secured by a Velcro flap. The right frontpanel has a cargo pocket, perfect fit for a medical kit. Beside is a pouch for a Mark 13 day/night flare. Above these, is a pocket designed to carry several pencil flares and chem-lights. HawkTex covers the right shoulder to secure proper stock-weld in the roughest of conditions. A communications wire routing system is included to make your headset/mike or antenna wires behave. At the bottom back is an "easy-out" pocket for the crotch straps that secure with double "D" rings on the front of the vest. Belt loops are sewn around the bottom of the vest to attach up to a standard military web belt. The drag handle, is provided to help keep you out of Neptune's hands. Special Note: Inside foam panels are removable and upgradeable! 
Omega Tactical Vest : Medic/Utility
This version of the Omega vest has nine (9) utility pouches to carry a wide assortment of medical gear, two of which are large enough to carry a 1,000 ml. IV bag or similar sized gadget
Omega Tactical Vest : Modular

This unique version of the Omega vest has 24 BTS locations to carry a wide assortment of BTS and Alice pouches and gear. Two large interior pockets for maps, etc

Special Forces LBV
This is an outstanding vest that enables you to carry your gear comfortably and efficiently. It is built to exceed the specifications required by the U.S. government. Added is a heavy duty "drag handle" on the back of the harness system for pulling a buddy to safety. The SFLBV holds eight .223 magazines in the top four pouches and two grenades in the lower pouches. BTS/Alice clip compatible loops have been added to the back and the sides for additional carry capability. The shoulder harness is packed with 3/8" closed cell foam for added comfort and/or flotation