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Bullet proof car kit

Automobile Bullet Proofing Kits for In-Country Installation

80-90% of terrorist attacks occur while the victims are traveling by automobile. A terrorist's most prolific weapon is fear... Eliminate fear. Especially at risk are high profile targets such as diplomats, religious leaders, industrialists, and corporate executives.

The transparent armour used in the windows consist of dense ballistic glass laminated to a tough inner spall shield of resilient polycarbonite. This composite is similar to that used in military jet canopies and will take multiple hits from any handgun on the streets today. The lightweight, opaque armor used in the floors, doors, and headliner was developed to protect helicopter pilots in combat with the ability to soak up and dissipate the energy from multiple bullet strikes. Because it is molded to the contours of the car body, the fit is perfect and replacement is easy.


BREAK IN ALERT SYSTEM In the event that the hood, trunk, or car doors are opened without authorization, a radio signal alarm is sent to the owner and a vehicle alarm is activated.

EMERGENCY FIRST AID KIT Kit to supply initial first aid.

SPECIAL HIDDEN COMPARTMENT Specially constructed compartment to store valuables and other assorted devices.

GUNPORTS Concealed access panel springs down, allowing a passenger to return fire from safety within the car. The armor springs back into place immediately upon removal of the firearm. This way, passengers are continuously protected. Gunports are located in all four doors and are completely invisible from outside the car.

NIGHTFINDER SYSTEM Hands-free night vision goggles allow the driver to see in complete darkness. This eliminates the need for headlights and allows escape from pursuing vehicles.

SMOKE SCREEN Heavy cloud of smoke is emitted from the vehicle to make vision of following vehicles or attackers virtually impossible.

ELECTRIC SHOCK SYSTEM Electric shock discharge system is installed on the car. Anyone who touches the car without authority will receive an electronic shock capable of rendering the individual harmless.

REMOTE START Pocket sized transmitter can activate the car's lights and ignition. This allows the driver to remain at a safe distance while starting the car, to protect against any explosives connected to the electrical system.

SPECIAL TIRES, BULLETPROOF ROLLERS These puncture sealing steel belted radial tires are equipped with a special ballistic roller around the rim. If the tires are shot, they allow the car to continue for approximately two miles at a speed of 55 MPH before going flat.

DUAL RAM BUMPERS Front and rear bumbers are super reinforced. Should the vehicle be used to ram through a blockade, the bumbers will minimize any damage to the engine and tires.

DUAL ARMOURED BATTERIES System provides an alternative battery should the primary battery malfunction.

SIREN PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM This system allows passengers to communicate with people outside without opening doors and exposing themselves to danger. Sensitive external microphones also allow the reverse. In addition, a siren can be activated to distract attackers and to signal for help.

PORTABLE ROAD BLOCK Portable road block which can be set up in minutes to limit access to an area.

VHF OR UHF COMMUNICATIONS WITH SCRAMBLER, MOBILE AND BASE Two way communication system, in your choice of frequencies, to suit the area where the car will be used.

SC 1000 M Satellite communication system allows passengers to speak to their residence or office by phone. It also allows telephone calls to any location in the world.

RECORDING AND MONITORING SYSTEM Tape recording system will allow the passenger to record and monitor conversations inside the car. A special pre-amplified microphone will pick up even the slightest whisper.

COMPLETE BUG DETECTION SYSTEM In the event that a listening transmitter is installed in your car, or is being worn by a passenger, this system will illuminate a hidden warning lamp

CCX 1000 EXPLOSIVE VAPOR DETECTOR This system detects explosive vapors being emitted from a bomb. It detects the nitrous vapor emitted from approximately 250 of the known 287 explosives. In many cases, the system can even detect if a suspect has handled explosive matter within the past 30 days by simply scanning his/her hands.

BULLET RESISTANT VEST Level IIA vest, protection from hand guns.

HALOGEN LIGHTS These lights deliver up to one million candle power to "blind" oncoming or following vehicles. These lights also illuminate total darkness for a distance of approximately one mile.

TEAR GAS DETERRENT SYSTEM Tear gas cannisters are installed on each side of the car in front and back and are concealed by red and amber reflectors. When the system is activated, a cloud of tear gas envelopes the outside of the car to disable possible attackers. A beeper alerts passengers to leave the area or to put on gas masks.

OIL SLICK EMISSION SYSTEM Approximately 10 gallons of oil can be spilled on the road behind the vehicle at the driver's command. This will prevent pursuit by following vehicles.

TACK DISPENSING SYSTEM Tacks can be spilled on the road behind the vehicle at the driver's command. This will prevent pursuit by following vehicles.

TURBO CHARGER Turbo charger to improve the performance of the stock engine therefore eliminating the added weight from the armoring of the car.

RADIATOR PROTECTION Shielding around the radiator to protect it from shrapnel and penetration from bullets.

BOMB PROTECTION BLANKET Blanket made of special material to cover suspected bomb which will reduce the damage if the bomb explodes.

EMERGENCY OXYGEN Specialized oxygen tanks to give passengers up to one half hour oxygen for emergency use at any time necessary.

KIDNAP RECOVERY SYSTEM Tracking transmitter is installed in the vehicle. The signal can be tracked by air or by ground from another vehicle.

Automobile Glass Level III Level IV
Multi-Purpose Curved Glass $46,000.00 $54,000.00
Standard Curved Glass $36,000.00 $39,800.00
Luxury Curved Glass $39,600.00 $43,780.00
80 Amp Heavy Duty Battery W/ Exchange $260.00
Battery Armor Box (Per Battery) $280.00
Dual Battery System $700.00
Bomb Protection Blanket $1,530.00
Bullet Resistant Vest $1,750.00
Bullet Resistant Sun Roof $3,490.00
Radiator Protection $700.00
Halogen Lights $1,050.00
Roll Up & Down Windows (each) $3,600
Safety Rollers (each) $1,420
Ram Bumper - Rear $650.00
Ram Bumper - Front $650.00
Remote Start $1,100.00
Burglar Alarm W/ Remote Beeper $1,100.00
Electric Shock System $2,300.00
Gunports - Rear (Jeeps & Suburbans) $670.00
Road Block (Portable) $2,700.00
Oil Slick System $1,300
Teargas / Smoke Deterrent System $5,000.00
Two Way Communication Radio $5,400.00
Night Finder System $8,800.00
Recording & Monitoring System $1,295.00
Kidnap Recovery System $5,000.00
Complete Bug Detection System $1,200.00
Bomb Scan $11,500.00
Fuel Tank Protection Package $1,950.00



Level 4- 16 Ply WRFL. 1/4" Ballistic steel.

Ballistic Nylon/ Kevlar: Floor board, firewall, headliner, gas tank.

PROTECTED AREAS Air Hardened, ballistic steel: All doors, pillar posts, behind seat, battery, radiator.



Level 4- 5/8" glass, 1/4" Polycarbonate

Laminate of glass and polycarbonate layers with a spall shield on the inside to prevent glass fragmentation.

Defeat Level IV- Defeats through 7.62 NATO and 5.56 caliber ammunition

PROTECTED AREAS Windshield, Backlite, Sidelites (armoured with flat glass).