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Booby Trap Alarm

The perfect perimiter security device for your camp, or to warn you of "visitors" on your road, trail, etc. Attaches anywhere with only two screws! When activated by a trip wire, the firing pin is released, firing the 12 gauge blank cartridge. Not only a great alarm, but the shot itself may scare the hell out of any would be intruders. This unit is also REUSEABLE, and made of steel



Booby Trap Pepper Gas Dispenser

In the event of a break-in, you need more then just a loud noise. This unit will stop the intruder quickly with PEPPER GAS. All you need do, is to simply string a trip wire (at any height you wish - to avoid pets, etc.) across any area that you want protected. Can easily be used on doors, windows, hallways, etc. When the trip is triggered, the device discharges 4 oz.s of pepper gas in a matter of seconds! One whiff, any your intruder will be on his way, providing he is even able to do so! Also, this unit WILL NOT DAMAGE INTERIOR FURNISHING. This unit is also REUSABLE, as well as quickly and easily installed!