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Lightweight And Durable

The AJ-1800 Personal Kidnap Recovery Tracking System (PKR) comes with both a transmitter and receiver making it possible to track and locate any person or object equipped with an activated location beacon transmitter. The PKR Transmitter is lightweight and durable and will provide 180 days of continued use. The unit can be activated and de-activated with a toggle and will provide a long service life before the internal batteries require changing. Designed to work with the PKR Transmitter, the PKR Receiver system has been programmed to receive 10 different and specific transmitters. These transmitters are assigned to YOU ONLY. You will be able to monitor ALL TEN transmitters simultaneously or ONE at a time.

Tracking by car is the most common method of conducting surveillance, responding to people in trouble, or locating a stolen vehicle. When conducting this method of tracking, a magnet-mount roof-top antenna is used in conjunction with a hand-held directional antenna.When using the PKR by car for surveillance and location of stolen property, the roof-mount omni-directional antenna provides long range and ease of use. The receiver will provide the user with an approximate distance and identification number of the target. In many cases the roof-mount antenna is used to locate the neighborhood where the subject is. To identify the location and direction within the neighborhood, you can exit the vehicle and conveniently use the hand-held directional antenna.

The preferred method of locating a transmitter is with a helicopter. A lightweight yet high wind rated directional antenna is available. The antenna clamps to the step of the helicopter pointing forward. With a high gain and 20 degree directional view, the helicopter can identify a transmitter at great distances and zero in on it efficiently by the direction of the lowest distance reading




Vehicle Tracking Receiver

360 Homing Receiver

Easy to Install and Set Up. Direction and Signal Strength Capability. Easy to Read Display. Portable Vehicle Mounting Kit Included. Extended Range, Air to Ground Optional Aircraft Mount Kit

The DF-43 is an innovative electronic solution to the requirements of tactical tracking. This unit has a proven track record of suspect apprehension. Using state-of-the-art technology, the DF-43 tracks the movement of high-value materials, currency, auto-mobiles, key personnel or other objects designated by the operator. The Vehicle Tracking Receiver includes a dashboard mounted display, roof mounted antenna cluster, trunk mounted electronic receiver and cabling. The DF-43 can track beacons located from one to three miles away depending on terrain and conditions. Continuous readouts of distance and direction are displayed on an easy to read LED display, so that you can easily keep track of your mission's status. When mounted in a helicopter or airplane (using the optional air tracking kit), range is approximately thirty miles; depending on conditions, the range may vary.

Distance information is conveyed through a LED readout and audible signal, making the DF-43 extremely user-friendly. Direction (to beacon) is supplied via a 360 degree layout of LED signal lamps. Even in the stressful environment of a tracking exercise, distance and direction information are easily determined. With the DF-43 you can transform your vehicle into a mobile command post, tracking your subject's movements from up to three miles away (depending); much too far for anyone to suspect they are being followed. The beacon, with a signal strong enough to be received by the DF-43 unit is concealed in what appears to be a stack of ordinary dollar bills, making detection next to impossible (an optional vehicle beacon can be attached to a car). The DF-43 yields swift capture, property recovery, and sure convictions

DIMENSIONS: Size: Receiver 11.0" x 7.6"x 1.6"

Display 9.5"x3.5"x3.4"

Weight: Receiver 3.5 lbs

Display 1.3 lbs



Global positioning for your protection

If you are a person of distinction with public exposure or in a position of power, you are a target for malcontents seeking to avenge their thwarted ambitions. Disgruntled employees, industry rivals, fanatics and terrorists are armed with today's technology and willing to go to extremes as a means of getting to you. Even your children may be in danger of being abducted for ransom monies. Now compromised safety no longer has to be a great concern for you, your family or your company personnel. CCS has been a leader in personal high technology protection for decades and has harnessed the power of satellites orbiting hte earth to devise a covert system that tracks a person's whereabouts anywhere on earth within 10 meters accuracy. Lightweight and portable, the GPS-210 can be hidden in a jacket, briefcase, purse or backpack, to accompany you anywhere added personal protection is needed. The GPS recveiver can be easily installed and can be activated by the push of a button to send out an alarm at the first sign of danger. The signal immediately alerts a monitoring station where high resolution full color maps can be viewed on a computer screen to pinpoint the victim's location in a matter of minutes. Receiving printed reports and data analysis is easy, as well as generating information to aid in the rescue. The GPS-210 is user-friendly and supports all of today's wireless communication. In an uncertain world, we at CCS share your concerns and know how to simplify today's evolving technology to bring you peace of mind

Personal satellite tracking

The power of a satellite brings reassurance that your child is safe and sound

In today's society, kidnapping has become more and more frequent. However, the units out on the market are limited in what they can do. CCS Laboratories have developed a global solution to the threat to abduction. Our GKR is a state-of-the-art system and the best choice to ensure safety in an unpredictable world. The use of satellites orbiting the earth allows for quicker recovery of kidnap victims. A compact GPS receiver can be easily installed in a child's backpack or waist pack and can be activated by the push of a button to send out an alarm. The signal immediately alerts a monitoring station to danger, which can then pinpoint the victim's location within a matter of minutes. We at CCS share your concerns and know how to simplify today's evolving technology to bring you peace of mind at an affordable price.

Automated GPS vehicle monitor

Relax at your computer and let our system do the work for you...

With all the global positioning out there, it gets very confusing as to which system is best for you. We at CCS Laboratories have developed a system that allows you to take charge inexpensively. The IFS is specifically designed for discreet installment and covert monitoring. The use of a storage card allows you to track a vehicle's daily activities anywhere on earth and simply remove the card at the end of each day. Sophisticated technology really can be user-friendly by design. Now all you need to do is download the data onto your desktop or laptop PC and relax while you review the vehicle action

Know Exactly How Your Vehicle Is Being Utilized

With the FVTS, know exactly how your vehicle is being utilized to be a better manager and you don't have to leave your computer. Prevent cargo theft, get your drivers to stay en route, save fuel - all of this and much more made simple by remote control. We at the CCS Laboratories have the technology to bring you interactive solutions on a worldwide scale - to cure your fleet management headaches, at the same time increasing your profits. With the use of sophisticated Satellite Global Tracking, developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, you can pinpoint the position of a vehicle anywhere on earth within 10 meters accuracy. The remote unit in the vehicle itself picks up the satellite signals. The signals are sent right to your computer screen, via wireless communication, where numerous remote control functions can be performed all at once. You have the power to activate alarms, lock/unlock electrical doors, detect unauthorized entry and unscheduled cargo movement. Another advantage - sensors can be attached to the vehicle to monitor temperature, engine performance, and security systems.

All of the accumulated data from the FVTS don't have to be lost. Our system also provides you with storage on a removable memory card. The data on the card can be easily removed and downloaded through the serial port of your computer. The main benefit of the memory card is that it gives you a cost effective way to generate vehicle usage reports without paying monthly fees for using wireless communication to download data. Of course, the option is yours. The FVTS is compatible with cellular phones, radio, modem for easy transmission of essential information. The FVTS literally revolutionizes a wide range of activities by utilizing today's technology so that businesses and consumers can increase productivity and profit. Such technical innovation has never before been so simple

POWER: 9-16 VDC 330 mA@12.8 VDC

Full Operation 120 mA@12 VDC Stand-By

TEMPERATURE: -40 C to +80 C
MEMORY: 2 MB Optional (Memory Card)
DTE: 1 Serial Port 9600 BPS
DIGITAL I/O: 4 Configureable Inputs (+) or (-)

4 Outputs 300 mA Max Overload

ANALOG INPUTS: 2 Signals Between 0 and +5 VDC
DATA COMM.: Bell 212 (2400 BPS DP SK) Optional
ASSEMBLY: Coated Aluminum Housing
WEIGHT: 9 Ounces
HEIGHT: 1 Inch
LENGTH: 5 Inches
WIDTH: 3 Inches
GPS: Tracks Up To 6 Satellites, 6 Channel Receiver Architecture. Accuracy Within 100 Metres. Operating Temperatures Range From -40 C to +80 C


Global Satellite Tactical Tracking System

The Power of a Satellite for More Accurate Vehicle Tracking

Your factory only received half of the shipment. Did your driver take the other half to resell?

Take immediate action. Make timely informed decisions. Keep your cool in a crisis with the TacTrack-1. Now you really can do five things at once, but this time by remote control and you never have to leave your computer station. Government and Law Enforcement agencies have long realized the benefits of global satellite vehicle tracking systems. Now CCS brings you a user-friendly device so that you can have that same pinpoint accuracy, ideal for business or personal use. And you don't have to be a secret agent- all you need is your laptop, a modem, and the TacTrack-1.


There's a head-on collision on the expressway. How soon can we get an ambulance to the scene?

This interactive device enables remote control of numerous vehicle functions right from your laptop. Know the location, speed, and direction of a moving vehicle anywhere in the world within 10 meters accuracy with simple keyboard commands. High resolution full color maps can be viewed on the software and hardware modules you need, and upgrade as needed. Our unique modular approach allows you to customize your own system so that you never have to pay for functions you don't use. Receiving printed reports and data analysis is easy, as well as generating information to help you reach your productivity goals.


Why did it take your driver 3 hours to make a routine pickup?

With the TacTrack-1 you can be more strategic and easily save time, money, and even save lives. Locate stolen goods. Recover stolen vehicles. Engage secvurity systems. Protect your loved ones. Even rescue children from abduction



Install & Forget Tracking System

A vehicle tracking system at an affordable price that informs you where your vehicles have been anywhere in the USA. Today, there are no more secrets. The amazing INFS 1115 GPS vehicle tracking system uses technology developed and maintained by the Department of Defense to monitor and track vehicles from coast to coast! YOUR COMPLETE PACKAGE INCLUDES: INFS 1115 GPS Unit Magnet mount GPS active antenna Cigarette lighter DC power cable AC power adapter Computer download cable TravelEyes software on CD (Covert hard wire power cable or suction cup antenna mount may be purchased separately) BENEFITS: It costs hundreds of dollars less than other GPS tracking systems. Economical. No monthly fees. Shows total route. Identifies rate of speed. Prints concise mileage reports. Documentation of mileage for tax purposes. Displays stop times to the minute. Helps parents keep track of teenagers. Tracks suspicious travel route of others (including spouses) Comes with maps of your town, complete with street names, showing area of travel. Easy to install in any vehicle. User friendly software