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Voice, Fax & Data Encryption

Secure communications has been a dangerous game until now. Thanks to the Secure Line 800 the game is over. CCS International's remarkable breakthrough in communications security, the Secure Line 800 is a High Grade Encryption product that trumps technology with better technology. This encryption product combines the communication technology of CCS International with the Harris corporation's Citadelª CCX cryptographic chip. The result is a compact and portable security system that ensures your e-mail, voice, fax, and data communications are secure. The Secure Line 800- because confidentially isn't a luxury, it is a necessity. The Secure Line 800 connects to ordinary telephone lines, allowing easy encryption of voice communication between Secure Line 800 units. The secure line 800 provides a simple method of encrypting you computer files. Select encrypt and save files through the Secure line 800 insuring that you important information is kept confidential. The encrypted files can be stored in computers networks or on the Internet. The Secure Line 800 can protect important information contained in your systems as well as securing the communication of an e-mail attachment and point to point file transfers. Connect any fax machine through the RJ 11C Jack to the Secure Line 800, insuring cryptographic communications of information between the 2 secure Line 800's. The secure line 800 allows secure simultaneous voice communication (SVD) and file transfer over ordinary telephone lines.
COMPUTER INTERFACE : D89 Serial connection
ENCRYPTION ALGORITHM: Proprietary, Harris Citadel, CCX
ENCRYPTION Min. 7.2 x 10 to the 16th
WEIGHT: 9 oz
POWER SOURCE : 90 to 240 V AC 50 to 60 Hz
DIMENSIONS: 6"(H) x 4.38"(W) x 1.38"(D)


Voice, Fax & Data Encryption

Secure all of Your Communications in One Unit.

The world's first personal terminal allowing for paperless fax, conversation and handwritten transmissions simultaneously on one phone line. Write and edit documents on the screen while talking on the phone. The screen displays up to 8 x 11" faxes without scrolling. Send and receive full page paperless fax. Write on the screen while talking on the phone at the same time. Connectivity for fax machine, computers and other office equipment. Voice mail and e-mail capable. Combine with the new Secure Line 800(SL 800)for completely secure conversation, fax, e-mail and handwritten transmissions. Truly a unique system for fully secure and comprehensive communication

FAX: 14,400bps, 6 sec./pg, ITU-T group
E-PAPER SCREEN : 6.4 x 4.5", 200 x 200 pixels/in.
SCANNER: 8.7", CIS contact image sensor
TELEPHONE: 100 station speed dial, 10 ppm/DTMF digital signal
WEIGHT: 7.9 lbs
POWER CONSUMPTION: 13 W in stand by mode, 25 W in full function
DIMENSIONS: 14..3"(W) x 11.5"(D) x 4.4"(H)


Voice Mask

Sound like someone else on the phone

The DVM-3000 Digital Voice Masque is the latest development from CCS to disguise your voice over the telephone. Finally, there is an effective solution to those times when you do not wish to be recognized. When obscene phone calls threaten a womanÕs privacy, she can now sound like a man and discourage the caller from continuing his harassment. Likewise, businessmen now have a powerful ally to aid them in obtaining information that is vital to their success, yet may be withheld if they are recognized. At the push of a button, you now have the power to alter your voice characteristics across a wide range. The DVM-3000Õs sophisticated design ensures that your speech will always remain clear and undistored, providing you with a virtually indistinguishablke means of protecting your identity. Housed in an executive-style walnut case, the DVM-3000 can be kept on your desk at work or home, always accessible when you need it. Simply plug in the DVM-3000 and replace your existing telephone. Whether you have a single or miltiple-line system, the DVM-3000 is easy to install and provides you with the highest degree of protection just by picking up the phone and pushing a button. We not only designed our DVM-3000 to be a superior digital voice masque, but also included the best features of a professional telephone. Memory speed dial, one-touch redial, a hold feature, and ringer volume control give the DVM-3000 all the conveniences you expect from your regular phone. Powered by either your household current, or internal battery, it is versatile enough to use almost anywhere



Fax Manager

The FM-100 is a self contained fax logging system that will record all your incoming faxes and outgoing fax transmission from your fax machine. The FM-100 offers compact digital fax recording technology for 1 fax machine or can be expanded up to 100 channels. The ideal solution for many recording applications including public safety, order entry departments, telemarketing or call centers and regional banks as well as financial centers and brokerage firms. The FM-100 is a full feature management center in a small package. Interfacing the FM-100 logging system allows the FM-100 to compile data for your fax system with full screen viewing of all fax transmission both incoming and outgoing. This logging can be done simultaneously and print out as required. The FM-100 captures images transmitted in virtually any fax transmission scheme. By analyzing the incoming signal, the computer adjusts itself for images sent at any rate (from 300 to 9,600 bits per second) or transmission mode (from standard to ultra fine). The system also adjusts itself for several types of compression systems, including MH (Modified Hufman) and MR (Modified Read). As an industry leader, CCS was the manufacturer of the first Fax Management System (Fax Manager). CCS now adds to its line of fax management systems the NEW FM-100. The lightweight and compact size of the FM-100 allows users to easily position the management system in any office environment. The FM-100 offers maximum cost effectiveness for small to mid-sized applications requiring high-end digital capabilities



Fax Manager

The FM-400 is a self contained fax logging system that will record all your incoming faxes and outgoing fax transmissions from your fax machine. The FM-400 offers compact digital fax recording technology for 4 fax machines or can be expanded up to 100 channels. It is the ideal solution for many recording applications including public safety, order entry departments, telemarketing or call centers, regional banks, as well as financial centers and brokerage firms. The FM-400 is a full feature management center in a small package. Interfacing the FM-400 logging system allows the FM-400 to compile data from your fax system with full screen viewing of all fax transmissions both incoming and outgoing. This logging can be accomplised simultaneously and print out as required. The FM-400 captures images transmitted in virtually any fax transmission scheme. By analyzing the incoming signal, the computer adjusts itself for images sent at any rate (from 300 to 9,600 bits per second) or transmission mode (from standard to ultra fine). The system also adjusts itself for several types of compression systems, including MH (Modified Hufman) and MR (Modified Read). As an industry leader, CCS was the manufacturer of the first Fax Management System (Fax Manager). CCS now adds to its line of fax management systems the NEW FM-400. The lightweight and compact size of the FM-400 allows users to easily position the management system in any office environment. The FM-400 offers maximum cost effectiveness for small to mid-sized applications requiring high-end digital capabilities



Modem Link II

Network Protection

FIPS 140. 1000 Remote Nodes Supported. DES Compliant. Automatic Key Management.

CCS combines certified encryption with proven performance. The Data Link II line of high quality security devices features transparent operation and absolute message confidentiality, along with an unmatched degree of interoperability. The CCS Data Link II stand alone devices offer exceptionally high levels of data protection with speed, security and convenience. With simple connections directly between standard RS-232 ports on computers and modems, Data Link II devices assure safe and simple, high speed transmission of text and data with exceptional security.

All three devices authenticate identities of each party, and can be set for either full-time or optional encryption. Data Link II's highly secure, random key generation creates a different, unknown code for each session. And Data Link II devices are interoperable with the entire Data Link family of data encryption products, for seamless, transparent turnkey performance. The Data Link II family includes encrypting modems, software and hardware products that are among the most widely interoperable network security solutions available.

To begin using a device, users simply sign on and select from a menu of configuration parameters for authentication, session security, and access control. From that point on, use is completely transparent, with all session parameters automatically negotiated between Data Link II and the remote Data Link device. Data Link II assures absolute data confidentiality and a higher level of message integrity, eliminating the possibility of misrouting, spoofing, data modification, eavesdropping and unauthorized access. Its exceptional access control forms a proven barrier in both networks and dial-in line use.

The Data Link II family is ideally suited for a full range of security applications (see below). The Data Link II family is designed for use in most popular computing and telecommunication environments, and is in use today by many major corporations and financial institutions. It uses approved government and banking encryption algorithms, and is backed by CCS toll-free support

DIMENSIONS: 1.6" H x 5.4" W x 7.8" D
WEIGHT: 1.0 lbs


Fax Encryptor

Protect Sensitive Text And Image Facsimile Messages

Protect sensitive text and image facsimile messages with the new FSR-2000 Fax Encryptor. So easy to install, the FSR-2000 connects between the facsimile machine and phone line using existing equipment jacks.

The FSR-2000 Fax Encryptor is completely automatic. When a fax is transmitted accross phone lines, the system identifies the receiving party, exchanges data, generating a unique session key, and then encrypts and transmits the fax image at up to 9.6 Kbps. A special ID feature which holds up to 100 names, phone numbers and identification numbers allows you to select which fax encryptors can exchange information. It also ensures that the number you call has the fax encryptor it should

Automatic fax privacy, no key distribution of manual equipment required. Authenticates receiving party. Simple, menu-driven configuration and identification lists. Operates with tone or pulse dial. Utilizes the advanced cryptology techniques trusted by government and industry. Compatible with Group 3 fax machines (CCITT T.30, T.4). Easy installation. Connects between phone lines and fax; no modifications required. Extensive self-test and tamper-proofing features. Operates at the speed of your fax machine, up to 9600 baud.

DIMENSIONS: 12" x 10" x 2.5"
WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs
POWER: 12 VAC, 800 ma, U/L approved; 120 VAC wall adaptor
CONNECTIONS: (2) RJ-11 standard telephone jacks; (3) 2.1mm power entry jacks
KEYBOARD: 12 digit alpha/numeric and function keypad; 9 additional operation and editing keys


Hacker Trap 100

High Technology Communications Security System

See What is Leaving Your Computer While You Are "On Line". Millions of People Use On LIne Services Every Day. There are Literally Hundreds of Internet Service Providers. With so much business being transacted over the phone or by computer, today's corporate environment demands constant supervision, and complete recordkeeping. With the new HT-100, you can have all this and the convenience of portability and economy. Like its predecessor the Hacker Trap, the HT-100 is a high technology communications system that differentiates between incoming and outgoing data transmissions, and will capture both independently. It automatically stores records of every piece of data sent and received from your PC on a hard drive. The HT-100 is transparent when connected online. It can be connected directly, via physical connection, at the sending machine. It automatically logs any data in real time and can capture transmitted information for printing. The HT-100 is the most recent in state-of-the-art technology from CCS. It can help to keep your firm on the cutting edge of corporate security. System Requirements: Hardware: PC computer with local base. HD - 50 MB free space. Software: Windows 3.1

Protect Against Employee Fraud - Monitor Wire Transfers. Network-Sensitive Information Servers. Line Capability: PSTN, PBX. Connection With: RJ 11, RJ 41S, RJ 45S

AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -10 deg C - +50 deg c
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 110V / 60 HZ or 220V / 50 HZ Battery


NOISE GENERATOR Laser Listening Defeat System

An Excellent Addition To High Level Countermeasures

For your protection against listening devices that are not detectable by conventional methods, CCS engineers have developed the LLDS-2000 Laser Listening Defeat System. The LLDS-2000 defeats such listening devices as wired microphones buried in a wall, contact or spike microphones, transmitters located in AC outlets and laser / microwave reflection from windows. This is accomplished by producing a security blanket of generated noise completely covering your private conversations with unfilterable sound. The LLDS-2000 is an excellent addition to high level countermeasures or can stand alone to provide perimeter protection. Various transducer adapters are included with the LLDS-2000 for coupling walls, ceilings, air ducts, plumbing, windows, etc.

SIZE: 1.7" X 6" X 10"
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Variable 0-14 VP-P
FREQUENCY RANGES: Broadband Noise- 250 Hz - 5 Khz +/- 3 dB
POWER: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz. 15 Watts


Remote Access Server-1000

High Performance Remote Access Server

Flexible Access. Bandwidth-On-Demand. Maximum Performance. Embedded Security. Remote Node Management. Security Administration

Flexible Access RAS-1000 supports remote access via ISDN BRI and PRI, high-speed modem, and/or T1/E1 connections for Dial-in, LAN-to-LAN, and Dial-out applications. Multi-protocol suppoprt ensures transparent remote node client access to LAN resources and information. RAS-1000 can easily expand to enable increased remote access needs.

Bandwidth-On-Demand RAS-1000 is designed to ensure efficient use of WAN resources and reduce connect time charges. Channel aggregation and inverse multiplexing optimize bandwidths up to 1.544/2.048 Mbps (North America/European). Dial-on-demand routing supports LAN-to-LAN applications. PLPPP software enables bonding of ISN channels for increased peformance and throughput.

Maximum Performance RAS-1000's main system board is powered by and Intel Pentium processor for optimized system performance. Auxiliary 386s handle the processing requirements foreach group of eight modem ports.

Embedded Security Unlike other remote access servers currently available, high-level user authentication security technology is implemented in RAS-1000 as an integral part ofthe product's design. SafeAccess authentication technology uses two-factor, Data Encryption Standard (DES) challenge/response to providerobust, standards-based security.

Remote Node Management Multiple, distributed or centralized RAS-1000s can be managed from a single locatrion for local or remote configuration and administration. Each RAS-1000 supports a 5000 user database. Chassis can be stacked for large applications and their databases cascaded for ease of access and management.

Security Administration RAS-1000 tracks and captures all remote access sessions in detailed audit trailas and reports. Analysis of this information provides enhanced security management as well as augmented management of network resources.

Free User Software for RAS-1000 SafeClient remote user software is included free with each RAS-1000 Remote Access Server, replicate as needed. No licences to buy and no additiomnal software to order.

Works with Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 3.X SafeClient is menu driven and uses the familiar Windows Interface. Windows included convenient pull down menus for fast communication paramewter configurations, conveninet navigation, and fast remote access session invocation.

Software Included SafeClient software is Windows 95 and NT compatible, and supports IP, IPX, PPP, NetBEUI and MLPPP access. WinMS server administration and management software is SNMP MIB 2 compatible and is included with each system

APPLICATIONS: Dial-in Remote Access to LANs 

LAN-to-LAN Access and Dial-out

INTERFACES: 2 Ethernet (Connection for 10 bps and/or 100bps) 8-32 modem ports, 0-2 ISDN Quad BRI Connections, 0-1 ISDN PRI Connection, 0-2 T1/E1 Connections

Client: INT 14, IP, IPX, PPP, MLPPP, NetBEUI and Windows call front-end

POWER: DC: +5V @ 25A, +12V @ 2A, -12V @ 1A, +3.3V @ 6A, Total 181; W. AC. Universal Autoswitch
INTERNALS: Microprocessors: Pentium 90 MHz, main system board. A single 386 for each group of8 modem ports Available slots: 1 PCI, 4 ISA bus, 3 8-port modem interfaces

Memory: 8 MB, 256 KB Cache, 1 MB EEPROM (FLASH), 1 MB NVRAM



Telephone Scrambler SECURELINE-550

Government Level, State-Of-The-Art, Voice Encryption

Discuss sensitive and confidential information over public telephone networks with complete peace of mind and know your conversation cannot be intercepted or deciphered. The Secureline-550 consists of a slimline base unit and a separate telephone instrument. The base unit contains the voice processing and cryptographic electronics and connects to a standard telephone jack. A number of different telephone instruments are available, depending on requirements. The telephone unit is connected to the base unit and can be used as a normal telephone for non-sensitive communication. In order to use the 550 system, each party is required to have a Secureline-550 unit. The separation of the base unit from the telephone makes it possible to lock away the high security electronics if necessary

Ultra-secure proprietary algorithm. Anti-tamper feature to zeroize codes on tamper detection. Built-in test for functional integrity. Tape recorder interface

Memory back up: 110V/220V AC PSU 10W
Battery Type: Lithium
Voltage: 3-6V
Useful Life: Approx. 4 yrs
Cryptology: Digital, non-linear CCS proprietary algorithm

Key distribution by fill-module (UIN protection)

3-key system for ultra-high security

Secure data mode with BER of 10-5 for SNR of 18dB

Communications: Full duplex, 2400 bits/sec

Tone or pulse dialing

CCITT V22.bis standard

Clear: Normal speech - non-encrypted
Secure Data: Terminal to computer
Secure: Fully secure speech



Gives You The Latest In Scrambling Technology

Suspicious of illegal wiretapping? Or third party eavesdropping? We at CCS have the perfect device so that you can have the safest phone. The SL-3600 gives you the latest in encryption technology to ensure the secrecy of your most private phone conversations. The digital encryption process renders your conversations inaccessible without sacrificing superior voice quality. The CCS Laboratories developed a sophisticated speech encoding algorithm for just that purpose - so that your encrypted calls sound the same as normal ones. As always, CCS gives you the latest in technology while remaining user-friendly. Simple to install - just place it between the base and handset of your phone, snap two cords into place, and plug it into a standard power outlet. This device is compatible with any phone and even has an easy to read display to show that your call has been protected. Not only does it communicate with other 3600s, it also interfaces with our SL-9300 Cell Security Device for portable cellular phones. In addition we have a CCS product hotline for your technical questions

INTERFACES: External Power Supply 

Two Modular Handset Jacks

USER COMMUNITY: Multinational Corporations

Hi-Tech Aerospace & Manufacturing Industries

Legal & Financial Organizations

US & International Governments & Agencies

VOICE MODES: Clear Voice

Secure Voice (CCS RCELP Voice Coding)

SECURITY FEATURES: NIST Voice Standard and/or CCS Proprietary Algorithms

Display Window for Identification (4-Digit Anti-Spooling Authenticator)

Negotiated Key

MODEM FEATURES: Near/far Echo Cancellation

4.8 kbps: CCITT V.32 Secure; Full Duplex

Frequency Offset Compensation

OPTIONS: Soft Carrying Case

Connectivity Kit for Polycomm Soundstation

Universal Poer Supply Rated Input 115-230 VAC, 0.6-0.3A, 50/60 Hz

Handset Modules

Acoustic Coupler for Phones with Hard Wired Handsets

WARRANTY: 12 or 36-Month Extension
INFORMATION PROTECTED: Sensitive and/or proprietary
HANDSET MODULES: Based on Type of Phone
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: 4.5" (W) x 1.3" (H) x 7" (D) (11.4 cm x 3.3 cm x 17.8 cm) Approximately 1.5 lb. (0.7 kg)
ENVIRONMENT: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
POWER (EXTERNAL SUPPLY): Standard Supply Rated: Input 115-120 VAC, 0.6-0.3A, 60 Hz

Optional Supply Rated: Input 115-230 VAC, 0.6-0.3A, 50/60 Hz

Output: 6V, 800mA

3600 input DC Power Dissipation is 4 Watts

COMPATIBLE WITH: CCS SL-9300 for Portable Cellular Phone



Nullify Remotely Activated Devices

Protect Your Phone Conversations From Virtually Any Device Which May Be Connected To Your Phone Line. (Tape Recorders, Taps, & Other Listening Devices). Will Also Nullify Remotely Activated Devices. Digital Display Graph Allows You To Monitor Your Line Voltage In Order To Identify Changes Which Would Indicate The Placement Of An Eavesdropping Device. Unique Technology Allows You To Nullify A Significantly Broader Range Of Taps & Recording Devices. It has been estimated that one in ten phones in the corporate world have been at some time tapped or listened to and in many cases recorded from. The information obtained from such illegal taps could seriously damage a company, a career or put loved ones in jeopardy. Would you feel comfortable letting a third party hear your discussions? If your answer is no then the TRN-100 is the simple solution to a very real problem facing all businesses and governments today.

The TRN-100 acts as an information net which buffers all conversations on your phone line from eavesdropping devices. By creating a unique sub-audible wave, the system effectively alters the sound of your voice to a garble which cannot be deciphered by the receiving end of a telephone tap. Unlike older systems, the advanced phase shift modulation of the TRN-100 does not create a white-noise background but rather an inaudible interference which will not affect the clarity of your conversation.  In any eavesdropping situation it is important to discover the characteristics of the phone tap as well as the habits of those in control of it. These patterns can often lead you to the device itself and in many cases to the operator. For this purpose, the TRN-100 employs a digital readout of line parameters which allows you to monitor sudden changes in your line activity. These changes would be a clear indication that someone was listening to your conversation. Once a schedule of tap activations has been established, the eavesdropper can be identified by feeding him strategic information which may force him into the open. 

The TRN-100 uses standard phone jacks and can be ready for use in five minutes. With the press of one button, the system functions automatically and secures your phone conversations. All devices on the line will be nullified and any recording made of the conversation will be non-communicative. Conduct your business with confidence. The TRN-100 will guard your privacy from the invisible threat of electronic eavesdropping in a way that is simple, quick and easy. Turn your phone into an information fortress with the TRN-100 and make your conversations private ones

DIGITS: +.1% typ. +.25% FC Max

3 Digits, 7 Segments (999)

BAROGRAPH: + 1% typ. + 1.5% FC Max

100 Segments, 31/21 Long

DIMENSIONS: 2.3"(H) x 7.1"(W) x 6.1"(D)
WEIGHT: 1.45 lbs (.7 kg)
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 115 OR 220 V +15% 50/60 Hz >20VA
RANGE: 1V - 99V DC
RANGE (BAROGRAPH): 10% - 100%


Telephone Security Command Center

Clear Your Phone Of Taps And Bugs

Clear your phone of taps and bugs. Keep your business secrets intact. Do away with sweeps. Protect your privacy. Stop outsiders from recording your phone conversations. The TSCC-1000 was created to protect those who conduct business on the phone. It stands above any other available systems because it not only analyzes your phone line for the most complicated bugs and wire taps, but also enables you to defeat them several different ways. Modern eavesdropping devices that use highly effective masking methods are often invisible to conventional means of detection. The TSCC-1000 is a superior telephone analyzer that uncovers and defeats virtually all sophisticated intruders. The TSCC-1000 comes with a defeat system which contains a voltage fluctuation regulator to prevent wire taps from being activated when you pick up your phone receiver. It also electronically isolates your phone from the line to defeat hookswitch bypasses, electronic triggers and other surreptitious modifications.

We've installed a modulator into our TSCC-1000 that defeats not only phone bugs but also taps and tape recorder activators. By creating sine wave interference known as "Pink Noise," the TSCC-1000 makes recording your voice an impossibility. We have made the TSCC-1000 compact and easy to install, utilizing your existing telephone system. We also realize not everyone needs or wants to become embroiled in technical jargon and complex electronics. That's why we've designed the TSCC-1000 easy to use, no matter what your level of electronics expertise. When you use the TSCC-1000, you can be sure that you are getting the most reliable tool on the market. That's why for nearly half a century, CCS is the recognized leader in electronic technology that is superior in both function and design.

MODULAR DEFEATS / SCREENS-OUT: High or low impedance capacitive or inducive R.F. bugs, tape recorder activators, direct taps or line interface devices, extension telephone and linesman's handsets
ELECTRONICALLY ISOLATES: Protects the telephone when on-hook from internal modifications such as hookswitch bypasses, R.F. flooding, infinity devices or electronic triggers.
SHUTS OFF: By means of the line regulator system, devices which are voltage controlled become inoperative
MEASURES / DISPLAYS: DC voltage, loop circuit, line polarity, dB level, DC and ohms mode, DC sensing level, frequency level and sweep test. Loop ohms measures and calculates the resistance of powered loops. The rear panel receptacle provides proper telephone line to interconnect to any standard telephone. Surveillance devices which draw current can be identified easily by meter readings either on or off hook.
SIMPLE OPERATION: After set up, two push buttons select the desired security modes while internal functions are monitored by a bar graph display automatically
24 HOUR COUNTERMEASURES: The TSCC-1000 provides around-the-clock protection which enhances or completely eliminates expensive and sometimes inadequate technical sweep routines
APPLICATIONS: Protect Against Competitor Eavesdropping

Prevent Others From Recording Your Conversations

Automatically Jams Audio Surveillance Devices Including Remotely Activated Devices

Protection For Everyday Business Meetings



Portable Voice Changer

Whether you are protecting family members who are home alone, avoiding telephone solicitors, or trying to make your home office sound like it has more employees, changing your voice over the telephone has never been easier. This unit has eight voice masking levels giving you the ability to select the best one for you. Its ultra compact cutting edge design connects directly to your telephone's handset, giving you the clearest sound while the built-in amplifier can even boost your handset volume. Compatible with almost all telephones and office systems, this unit will also work on conference calls. Amaze your colleagues and friends by changing your voice with the push of a button



Wire Tap Trap

Protect Your Business Secrets. Keep Conversations Confidential. Defeat Telephone Taps. Do Away With Infiltration Sweeps

We asked our engineers to create a compact tap defeat system that would be simple to operate, yet still provide virtually total protection against all known wire tap and phone bugging systems. Their answer, The Wire Tap Trap is without a doubt the most sophisticated and versatile phone protection system available anywhere. Our first feature? Most wire taps are activated when the voltage of your phone line drops as you pick up the receiver. So we've installed a voltage regulation system to stabilize the voltage electronically. When you pick up the phone receiver, the voltage on your line remains unchanged, and the tap will not activate itself. The WTT-3000's LCD display shows you the amount of voltage operating through your line at all times.

Our second feature? The Wire Tap Trap electronically isolates your phone from the line when on hook to protect against and defeat internal modifications such as infinity devices, hookswitch bypasses, electronic triggers or other non-standard taps. The Wire Tap Trap also defeats tape recording devices that may be trying to record your conversations. By creating sine wave interference known as "Pink Noise", the WTT-3000 makes it impossible to record your voice when you use the phone. Our greatest achievement is that we are able to offer you this sophisticated and powerful tool, while keeping it easy enough for everyone to connect - it fits easily into your executive briefcase, takes only two connections to install and can remain hidden when in use. Simple and effective, the Wire Tap Trap is a necessity for individuals and businesses alike who need to protect their privacy and business secrets

POWER: 110-113 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 14 Watts
SIZE: 1.7 x 6.0 x 10.0"
WEIGHT: 3.5 lbs
APPLICATIONS: Line Monitoring Capability: PSTN, PBX & Leased. Does Not Disturb Current When Connected. Off-Hook Detection. Narrow Band Modulation


Scrambled Walkie Talkie

Line Protection Against Voltage Surge

Crowded public air waves offer little in the way of privacy. With the flip of a switch, the X-222 Scrambled Walkie-Talkie provides a secure communication link with its built-in scrambler circuitry. Instantly your conversation becomes indecipherable to anyone other than your listening party. The voice synthesis inversion scrambler can be switched on or off at your discretion. The miniaturized, crystal-controlled full duplex circuitry of the X-222 meets Level I Frequency Inversion Standards. CCS offers a full line of radio communication equipment incorporating the X-222 scrambler circuitry in addition to offering it as a retrofit to your existing communication systems. The scrambler circuitry is compatible with most radio transceivers in frequency ranges including CB 27, VHF 136-174, VHF 220-250, and UHF 440-512 MHz and all output powers

DIMENSIONS: 1.9"W x 4" H x 1.4" D
WEIGHT: 9.9 oz
APPLICATIONS: Protect Against Employee Fraud & Monitor Wire Transfers. Line Protection Against Voltage Surge. Off-Hook Detection. Narrow Band Modulation. Automatically Intercepts Any Number of Pages. Line Monitoring Capability: PSTN, PBX & Leased. Does Not Disturb Current When Connected


DTMF Decoder

The most accurate DTMF (tone ) decoder available today! With its built-in microphone, no connection is required from source. Simply play your prerecorded tape and the dialed numbers appear instantly on the 16 Digit LCD Display. Works well even with long play tape recorders and noisy scanners. If you prefer a direct connection, a mini jack is also provided along with a connecting cable. Plug into the output or listening device jack of your tape recorder or scanner and directly into the input jack of the decoder. Also supplied, is a direct telephone line connection cable so you can see numbers as they are dialed. After 16 digit display is full, oldest digit is deleted and newest is displayed.



Caller ID Blocker

Did you know that with every call you make your name, phone number (and sometimes your address) are sent between the first and second phone ring? Anyone with a caller ID box will instantly gain this information. Also, not only are caller ID boxes becoming more widespread, they are also becoming much easier to obtain. You're losing your privacy! Stop it now! This device will stop your information from being transmitted, and, when this unit is placed on one phone it will work on ALL EXTENSIONS throughout your home! This updated model also contains several other new blocking features!



TVC-1 Professional Voice Changer #0655i

This is the one you've seen and heard about in all the movies. It is the best money can buy. There are several on the market and none compare to this device. What it does is raise and lower the pitch of your own voice to make you sound like someone else. There are 14 different levels to choose from. You can sound like a male or female. This unit can be used on all phones. All you do is place the padded Velcro speaker over the mouthpiece of the phone and then talk into the microphone on the rugged metal encasement. It uses only one (1) 9 volt battery (not included).

* 3.5mm Output Jack
* Dimensions 5 3/8" x 2 11/16" x 1 1/16"
* Carrying Case
* Numbered Voice Control Knob



TVC-8955 Telephone Voice Changer #0652i

Now you can answer the telephone without anyone recognizing your voice. Protect your anonymity with the Voice Changer II. Unlike most voice changers, the Voice Changer II connects to your telephone's handset, making it compatible with all telephones, even office systems. It even works with conference calls! The Voice Changer II also features a built-in amplifier giving you complete control over your handset volume-even when you're in normal voice mode



Shirt Pocket Micro Voice Disguiser #0653i

Here's just some of the things you can do with our new palm-sized voice changer: fool your friends, confuse your enemies, be your own secretary, make anonymous calls for business or security reasons, or protect women and children home alone. The Micro-Disguser has no modular hook-ups. Slip it from your pocket and place it over any pay phones mouth piece! Miniature electronics alter your voice in a choice of eight different levels. Extreme settings sound hilarious, and mid-ranges will even fool your own mother



TS-400 Telephone Scrambler

Secure yourself from eavesdroppers and unwanted listeners. A Scrambler installation is comprised of a pair of TS-400 Scramblers. One unit is installed on the caller's phone and the second on the called party's side. Once activated, conversation becomes incomprehensible to unwanted listeners. Installation is simple and the connections are made in less than a minute. Operation is even easier - just press SCRAMBLE and the Scrambler is activated. Normal telephone operation is automatically resumed when you hang up. Price is for a pair of scramblers



Portable Scrambler

Get quality sound voice privacy from end to end over direct wire and wireless phones in your car, hotel room, anywhere. Your communications are protected from bugs, tape, lineman handsets, scanners and more by a speech spectrum inversion technique controlled by a code switch. The code is prearranged with other SCRAMBLER, TM, users and reset prior to your two-way party or conference calls. Operates over international distances. Pivoting acoustic couplers accept virtually all telephone handset styles. Features LED displays for scramble or clear condition, low battery, volume, microphone mute. Frequency response: 300Hz-2.75KHz ñ 3db. ABS housing. Requires one 9-volt alkaline battery, not included. Includes a strap attachment. Measures 7 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/8". Minimum two required. Price is for a pair.



EnigmA-100 Digital Telephone Scrambler

Ensure your business and private calls are really confidential! Scramble your calls with the EnigmA-100 digital telephone scrambler.

* High confidentiality 250,000 random codes digital signal processing
* Attractive price
* Easy to use and install
* Comfortable to carry
* Optimal voice quality
* Scrambled communication for all EnignA-100 owners (minimum two users)
Price is for a pair.