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Ammo Cheek Pad-Stock Pouch (holds 5)

Is a combination of a shooter’s cheek pad and zippered utility pouch with the external storage of ammunition. Allows quick reload and instant visual of ammo status. The non-slip HawkTex cheek materials is great for rapid sight picture and correct eye relief.


Aussie kit Pouch - Green 

Designed to carry many items including a bottle, 1 qt. Canteen pouch, binoculars, etc. It has a large drain button hole at the bottom and has a special "Blow Out" patch or medical dressing pouch on the inside of the lid. Attaches to any belt via our BTS belt loop system or A.L.I.C.E. Clips (not included.)

Beeper Pouch Velcro Black  $10.95

Cell Phone Pouch Velcro Black 

Cuff Pouch Velcro Black   $16.95
Light Pouch Velcro Black $11.95
Mace Pouch Velcro Black  $11.95
Mag/Knife Pouch Velcro Black $16.95

Radio Pouch Velcro Black

Buttstock M-16 Mag Pouch
Designed for special operations conditions. Includes fully adjustable lid to fit 20 and 30 round mags. Attaches to most gun stocks
Buttstock Shell Holder Pouch (Rifle,8) or (Shotgun,5)
These shell holders are designed to fit most commercial buttstocks. The extra rounds are protected by a pouch and cover flap secured with Velcro

CD Pouch-Velcro-Black

Disc Pouch-Velcro-Black $16.95
Laptop Pouch-Velcro-Black  $29.95
Power Pack Pouch-Velcro-Black   $16.95
Utility pouch-Velcro-Black  $19.95

Chest Pouches .308 Black 

Our Chest Pouches are designed for all different types of weapons and scenarios. You pick the set up (.233, .308, 9mm, AK-47 or Shotshell) to best meet your needs


Compass Pouch Black and Alice Clips Compatible Black 


Concealed Ankle Mag Pouch - Black 

Includes double mag pouches with fully adjustable lids for tall or short mags and/or pocket knives/utility tools, or flashlights.


Concealed Ankle Pouch Black 

The Concealed Ankle Pouch allows for maximum concealment and convenience of valuables. You can carry money, credit cards, small wallets, etc. The C.A.P. is held secure to your leg with a Velcro wrap around system. It holds your valuables secure with a fully adjustable Velcro closure for taller or longer items

Duty M-16 TalonFlex Black

Designed to utilize the Duty Belt system. It can be worn horizontally or vertically. The magazine will not fall out even under extreme conditions until pulled by the user. Works great as a competition speed pouch

Duty Sure Fire 6R Light Pouch Black

Duty Flashlight Holders are made of a heavy duty webbing. The cover flap is secured with Velcro. All pouches are made of ballistic nylon and are easily removable with our wrap around Duty Belt loop system. Also fits StreamLite Scorpion.

Duty Universal Utility Belt Pouch - Black 

It can be worn on a belt or attached to any vest. Dimensions: 8"L x 2"D x 3"H

EMT Utility Pouch - Black 

This belt attached EMT/Utility pouch is great for scissors, knives, pens/pencils or any other item needed for quick medical or utility needs. Attaches to any belt with our BTS Loop System


FOREARM Mag /Light Holder - Black 

is the ideal way to store and conveniently carry a spare magazine. It's constructed of 1 1/2" top grade elastic and heavy duty nylon webbing. One size fits all and is adjusted by Velcro and elastic straps. Fits up to standard double stack mag

Frag Grenade Accessory Pouch Holds 2 - Black 

Designed to attach to any belt, vest or pack with (2) Alice Clip (included). Lids are fully adjustable and have silent side release buckles for quick deployment of frag grenade. Internalspoon slots prevent Frag Grenade from rotating and becoming a hazard!

The Single Cuff Pouch is designed to carry one set of standard cuffs. The Double Cuff pouch has a divider separating two standard or heavy (hinged) handcuffs. The divider prevents chattering and allows for independent draw of the cuffs

Duty Double Cuff Pouch Black 

Duty Single Cuff Pouch Black $14.95

Modular Add-A-Pouch Black Large 



Modular Add-A-Pouch Black Small  $21.95

Shotgun Shell Pouch-Boxed Type Black (holds 25) 

This unique pouch is for the active shooter doing numerous missions. It is designed so that no rounds will fall out even under extreme conditions such as running, climbing, swimming, etc. It has an elastic layer system which holds 25 rounds secure in the pouch until your fingers break through the elastic layers to extract the shells


SOS M-16 Mag Pouch SOS MP-5 Mag Pouch 

S.O.S. Shoulder Option Secured Pouches are designed to be worn over the shoulder (left or right side). They can also be worn over the body's mid section to add additional bullet protection. Includes fully adjustable shoulder strap with Hawk-Tex non-slip pad and quick-release waist strap. It holds (6) 223/M-16 Mags, (3)in front (3)in back or (4)MP-5 9mm Mags. Great for keeping accessible in your car trunk or as an extra source of quick ammo


Swimmers One Quart Canteen Pouch Black 

The model does not have the insulated liner, which absorbs water and adds pounds of weight to your gear. The canteen is held in place by a double flap with two Durasnaps. The bottom is made of heavy duty coated mesh for quick water drainage during river and stream crossings. It attaches to your belt by heavy duty belt loops or the Alice clips. 


Swimmers Two Quart Canteen Pouch Black List 



Tac-Vest Gas Mask Pouch-BTS Black 

This pouch holds standard gas masks attached to our Omega Vest System with four (4) military metal Alice clips included. Also fits on any belt as a utility pouch or gas mask pouch

Weapon Cleaning Kit
This is the actual issued cleaning kit for the Marine Corp Sniper Units, complete with national stock number and black anodized parts. Includes the patented Otis Breech-to-muzzle cleaning rods, four brushes, scope cleaning brush, solvent, pistol rods, bore obstruction removers, six pass cleaning patches, screwdriver, Alice clips for affixing to belts and more! Cleans all calibers .223 and up