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Converta Nunchucka: Large

Converta Nunchuckas converts from 96cm baton into an 48cm chuck.

Converta Nunchucka: Small
Converta Nunchuckas converts from 48cm baton into an 24cm chuck
Manriki Chain

Manriki chain with black finish. Length: 1mtr 10cms

Manriki gusari Chain

Manrikigusari chain with chrome finish. Length: 1mtr 10cms

Ninja Caltrops
These ninja caltrops will block the path of anyone chasing you. They are also known as Road Stars. Package of 10
Ninja Climbing Claws
One pair of ninja climbing claws
Ninja Foot Spikes
One pair of ninja foot spikes
Ninja Grappling Hook
Ninja Grappling Hook Collapsible steel hook with 33 feet of heavy duty black nylon rope. Dimensions: Claws approx 9" diameter/approx 9" long
Tassel Set
3 piece, 18cm tassel set