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This state-of the-art ink will magically disappear after approximately 48 hours, without leaving a trace of evidence. Sensitive files can be marked today and you can rest assured your notes will be gone in a couple of days. May also be used to mark clothing without staining (pre-test small area of fabric before using). Not to be used for check writing or any legal documents


These unique new glasses look and function like regular sunglasses, but they also let you see what's going on behind you! Very useful when conducting discreet surveillances. For normal usage look forward: for rear viewing, just turn your eyes to either side. These special glasses also provide UV ray protection.

32 pc. Advanced Pro Locksmith Kit
All the same quality type picks mentioned in the above info but more picks and a zipper case with fold out slots to hold all those extra choices of rakes and tension wrenches. This set has the best assortment of high quality tools.
Air Impact Wrench $39.95
Air Ratchet $39.95
Air Sander $44.69
Automotive Lock Pick Set
This extensive set of lock-picks is designed to be able to open the doors and start the ignition of a large variety of cars and trucks. It contains special picks for Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu, Hyundai, Yugo, Volkswagen, and Mitsubishi. It also can pick most pin tumbler and wafer tumbler locks. Comes complete with tension wrench, broken key extractor and gas cap pick. Carry case and instructions included. Approximately 30 pieces. Frequently asked question answer: automotive lock pick sets don't work on cars that have the chip in the key.
The Camp Axe, Sport Axe, and Back Pack Axe are sized to fit your needs. Each axe has a forged steel head for durability and superior edge retention and a unique handle made from Polymid™ Fiberglass that is virtually indestructible. The handle is injection molded around the axe head to guarantee never to separate or come loose.






Elastic 1 inch Keepers
Great for any combination of packs, bags, cases and web gear bitterends. S-Fold your web straps and secure elastic keepers. Package of 10. Color: Black
550 Cord - 100' $9.95
A.L.I.C.E. Clip Black (package of 4)
This is the authentic military Alice clip which can be used to attach most pouches to your belt or vest. It works by sliding the back gate up or to the open position, attaching it to your gear and then sliding it on the belt or vest in your designated spot. You then close the gate and your gear is secure until you decide to remove or relocate its position. It is black anodized for the subdued look as well as corrosion resistant. Four (4) to a pack.
Attachment Disconnect Kits
If quick disconnect and adjustability for your gear or packs is what you are looking for, then the Attachment System is ideal for you. It has been carefully field tested for the proper design. It is made from 1" MIL-SPEC nylon webbing attached to a tri-glide and comes with both male and female 1" side release buckles. It has fully adjustable lengths and can easily be attached to any existing belt or harness. Comes in a four piece set!
Bungee Cords - 24" PKG 2 Black

Bungee Cords - 36" PKG 2 Black


Chainsaw Cordless $269.99
Cinch Accessory Straps (PKG 2) 1" x 60" Black These are super heavy duty 1 inch accessory cinch/attachment straps made with or superlock and mil-spec nylon webbing. They come 60" long which can be cut and heat secured by you for a custom fit $7.95
Circular Saw Kit Cordless $84.95
Concealed Neck ID Holder MKII
Made with clear heavy gauge plastic with fold in middle for quick front or back view. This allows drivers license or another ID on one side & military or another ID on the opposite side.
Cordlock (set of 4) $2.95
Multi-Plier 600 Series is simply the best multi-function tool available. All Multi-Plier 600 series tools have:

One-handed opening pliers, making deployment quick and easy. All locking components, all tools lock in place for safety and convenience

Independent tool rotation-select and open only the component desired

The most user-friendly lock-simply slide the lock release button back to unlock. The safest lock on the market.

Developed in conjuction with the U.S. military, this is the only multi-function tool certified for Explosive Ordnance Disposal units. The Multi-Plier® 600 D.E.T. has a blasting cap crimper, C-4 punch, a serrated sheepsfoot knife blade, drop point blade, screwdrivers and file.

1. Needlenose Pliers
2. Blasting Cap Crimper
3. C4 Punch
4. Wire Cutter
5. Standard/Metric Scale
6. Lanyard Ring
7. Crosshead Screwdriver
8. Bottle Opener
9. Large, Medium, and Small Flathead Screwdrivers
10. File
11. Serrated Sheepsfoot Blade
12. Drop Point Blade

Detachable Shoulder Straps
Our newly designed contour shape shoulder straps make any day pack into a separate back pack. It's packed with 1/2" closed cell foam padding and made with 1000 denier nylon on top and 430 pack cloth on bottom for comfortable form fit
Double Sided Lock Picks
These picks are a must for disc-tumbler locks. These quality hardened spring steel picks come with instructions
Cordless Angle Drill $89.95
Cordless Driver Drill $139.95
Reversible Drill $285.99
Electric Lock Pick Model E100C
Now, open deadbolt, padlock, automobile - virtually all pin tumbler locks - IN JUST SECONDS! Electric Lock Picks set a new industry standard. No cheap plastic construction here - the E100C is manufactured of the highest quality aluminum and steel alloys, to the most exacting specifications. NMo expensive and unnecessary custom battery packs to buy - the pick can utilize standard ni-cad or alkaline batteries. No brittle picking needles - our picking needles are cut directly from hardened spring steel. This electric picks is load with quality and value, is backed with service. Every pick comes with a 90 day factory warranty. And when the time comes to replace it - DON'T, because your pick can be rebuilt. Electric Picks - No Nonsense, No Gimmicks ... just tools for the professional. Includes three tension wrenches, four picking needles, and instructions. It uses the tension bar that turns the lock after you pick the lock. Three volt motor takes two "C" batteries.
Emergency repair Kit (superlock 2 triglides) Black $5.95
Enhanced Soldier Alice Ruck Kidney Pad
Designed to enhance performance and comfort. Made of 1000 denier and packed with .5' closed cell foam. Attaches to any standard Alice Ruck frame.
Enhanced Military Ruck Shoulder Straps
Enhanced Alice Ruck Straps are super comfortable and efficient. They are packed with .5" closed cell foam. They attach to any standard Alice Pack frame in seconds and have "Quick Ditch" release system. Welded and anodized metal "D" rings allow for carbines, sling or hydration system tube routing. For additional performance and comfort we have provided a fully adjustable and removable sternum strap
Fastex Accessory Straps (PKG 2) 1" x 60" Black $8.95
Folding Spade

Boron Steel, PBT Glassfiber, Plymid Plastic Sheath


Gun Case Mini Locks (pkg of 2) Gun safety is your number one resposibility! Lock up your favorite Pistol Pouch, Rifle case, Backpack or any other zipper product with our new Mini Combination Locks. They come in a set (2)two and have a 4-dial combination. Fits all zippers with new improved Hawk-tabs. A must have for securing your belongings $15.50
HawkPad Waterproof Notebook
Is perfect for jotting down mission notes in the wettest conditions. Both covers are subdued gray plastic with a top spiral to fold back the covers and the note pages. Fits perfectly in your back pockets and most pouches
Holster : Inside Trouser Black
This comfortable wearing concealed holster is designed to be worn on the inside of your pants. It is held securely to the waist with the rotatable belt loop which allows "canting" of the weapon when in the seated or standing position. The weapon is held secure by an adjustable thumb break. Fits most medium to large frame weapons. Photo shows right hand back draw version. Left hand version available
Jack Knife Lock Pick Set
The Jack Knife Pick Set gets its name because it's smaller than a Jack Knife. A great help in emergencies getting in your house or business without paying for a locksmith. Includes 1 hook, 1 diamond and 2 rakes all supported by the fold out handle, plus 1 tension wrench. A great gift for those hard to pleasers.
KeyStyle™, as functional as it is attractive, features Fiskars® scissors, a knife blade, a crosshead screwdriver, and eyeglass screwdriver/tweezers. All tools are made of stainless steel and housed in a sturdy metal frame. Designed to provide a degree of style not found on any other multi-tool, KeyStyle™ is also available in Black, Green Marble, and Wood Grain.

The KeyStyle™ is packed with the tools you need. It is versatile enough to be attached to a keyring or backpack; or simply carry it in your purse.

1. Tweezers/Eyeglass Screwdriver
2. Locking Crosshead Screwdriver
3. Locking Sheepsfoot Blade
4. Locking Flathead Screwdriver
5. Key Ring
6. Fiskars® Scissors
LBE Bands (Two 5", Two 6", Two 7")
Three sizes, six pieces of load bearing equipment bands. Great for securing flashlights and all sorts of things that flop around and make noise
Get into locks easily with the Lock Pick Gun. It uses the tension bar that turns the lock after you pick the lock.

* Easy trigger action opens doors quickly and easily
* Gun does the work for you
* Faster than picking by hand
* 2 straight and 1 curved pick and 1 tension wrench
* Ideal for standard commercial and residential door hardware (not automotive)
* Helps even the beginner

MDPK-32 Lock Pick Set
Stamped directly from hardened spring steel, this 32 piece set is the finest available. This very expensive manufacturing process results in picks which are strong and durable, and possess the proper amount of flexibility. The set includes 32 picks, tension tools and a broken key extractor and comes with a leather carrying case.
This capable tool combination packs a wallop, fits in the palm of your hand, and provides an accomodating variety of carry options with space age clip. It has a wire cutter and plier combination, pry bar, and serrated and drop point blades

Length: 3.75"
Width: 1"
Depth: .5"
Weight: 3 oz.
Materials: Lightweight Zytel Steel reinforced handles


Backpacker's equipment editor, Kristen Hostetter, said the Multi-Lite™ is "the first fully featured multi-tool I've used that justifies its weight." (June, 1998) It's easy to see why. Weighing just under five ounces, the Multi-Lite™ puts a veritable tool box at your finger tips.

The Multi-Lite™ features Gerber's patented saw coupler, a drop point knife blade, crosshead screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, Fiskars® scissors, can opener, eyeglass screwdriver, tweezers, and an emergency LED light. All of Multi-Lite tool's interior components feature independent tool rotation and lock in place for use. Unlocking components is as simple as sliding back the lock release located on the sides of the tool.

Multi-Lite™ is the perfect tool for the traveler, backpacker, or anybody who does not need a full size multi-tool, yet wants the peace of mind of being prepared. Multi-Lite™ is a unique concept in multi-function tools. Add the Tool Kit (#05200) for added features.

The Multi-Lite™ can be purchased with a fine tooled leather sheath. An optional leather sheath to hold the tool kit caddy, bits and coupler is also available.

Nomex Gloves Popular with many S.W.A.T. and Emergency Response teams, 91/2 ounce Kevlar knit para-aramid on the back of the hand and thumb. Kevlar increases heat and flash protection from 700 degree F (Nomex) to 800 degree F. Our ultra thin Cabretta leather palms are vastly superior to military issue in feel, dexterity, wear, and traction. Available in Tactical Black. $41.75
8 pc. Novice Pick Set With Book
This set is all you need to start picking locks. This is out beginners set. If you're not sure that can pick locks, this would be the set to start out with. That way you don't tie up a lot of money in the larger sets. It comes with an instruction manual that we usually sell separately. If you get this set and find out that you have a knack for picking locks, then you could also try our larger sets with more picks.
Nylon Webbing
Packaged in all widths and in 5-yard increments. Use webbing to modify gear, add gear straps, make cinch straps, repairs, etc.
The PARATOOL, a most comprehensive multi-purpose folding tool chest, over 20 features, an unprecedented combination of capability for its size and low cost.
Superior Hand Comfort, Angled Plier Head Capability, More Blade Components, Adjustability

Size closed: 4.0" + thumb tab
Size open: 6.4"
Weight: 7 oz
Materials: 420 Stainless Steel

Personal Panic Alarm
Personal Panic Alarm is the loudest (130-decibel) walking alarm available anywhere! Scares away potential attackers or any unwanted individuals. Use with Door Alarm accessory to convert the personal alarm into a portable door (window) alarm. If someone opens the door (or window) the alarm is activated. Great for home, hotel rooms, college dorms, etc. Powered by one 9 Volt battery.
The Power Plier contains 12 individual tool blades in the handles including the first 1/2 serrated drop point blade, 3 flat screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, H2 square drive, double tooth saw, 3 file types, can/bottle opener, small blade, awl and chisel, as well as pliers, grippers, wirecutters, and inches/centimeters rulers.
The Power Plier can be tension adjusted and dismantled for cleaning or changing of the tool components.

Length: closed 4.25"
Length open 6.75"
Width: 1.25"
Thickness: .6"
Weight: 8.3 oz.

14 pc. Pro Locksmith Kit
This greatly improved set has just become the best seller in our new line of quality locksmithing tools. All the picks you'll ever need to pick dead bolts, door locks, and most padlocks are included in this set. In fact: Most of the keys on your keyring can be picked with this set (NOT double sided keys like some car keys are). The tools included have stainless stell handles (rivetless) with Electroless Nickel Plating. All of the most important picks locksmiths use on an everyday basis are included in this set, like hooks, rakes, balls, diamonds, and plenty of tension wrenches. We also give you strong tools that will resist rust and a snap button case made of leather. NOTE: If you are just beginning to pick locks, you might want to try our 8pc. set with instructional booklet to see if you have the knack or skill required to pick locks.
Pro-1000 Lock Pick Set
Used by Master Locksmiths around the world, this is the set that has is all - over sixty rakes, picks, tension wrenches, and a broken key extrator, a beautiful top grain leather case to protect your investment.
Reverse Peep-Hole
The Reverse Peep-Hole product was developed with the help of the law enforcement industry to help them assess potential hazzards behind dwelling doors. It is simple to use. The officer places it over the peep-hole in the door and can look into the dwelling without alerting anyone inside. You can assess any potential threats or activity before proceeding with your mission. Reverse Peep-Hole is made of high quality, lightweight materials.* The housing is a strong, lightweight composite with an all-weather coating.
* The lenses are high quality precision ground glass custom designed for The Reverse Peep-Hole.
* The Reverse Peep-Hole is designed to be carried by all types of officers. It is lightweight and easy to use. You can carry it on a web belt, vest or in a pocket.
Rope Guard
The Rope Guard is an absolute must when rappelling or climbing around sharp edged rooftops or rock faces. The Rope Guard is made of four layers of 1000 denier Cordura nylon which provides maximum rope protection. It fits around your rope using Velcro. To secure the Rope Guard in place on the rope, also provided a tie down webbing loop and nylon 550 cord.
Silent Zipper Pulls -Package of 10 - Black Replace any zipper tab on any bag, pack, case or pouch with the Silent Zipper Pulls. Just cut off your existing zipper tab with a pair of pliers and girth hitch these on. Provides much better grip when wet, cold or when wearing gloves. The Silent Zipper Pulls also allow you to get a better angle for ease in zipping $8.95
HPC's "Slim Jim" has been the entry tool by which all others have been judged since its introduction in 1967. Although automobiles have changed considerably in recent years, the large number of applicable cars on the road allows the Slim Jim to remain a necessity for all auto lock specialists. $12.95
2" Sling / Shoulder Strap
Sling shoulder strap is our fully adjustable 2" wide sling which uses snap hooks for attaching to bags and weapons
Shotshell Sling Black
The shot shell sling is fully adjustable and holds 15 extra shells which attaches to standard sling swivels with durable steel spring hooks. It is made of heavy duty two inch nylon and elastic to hold the shells secure
Super Zip Bags (4 x 8) Pkg of 4 $5.95
Super Zip Bags (6 x 8) Pkg of 4 $6.95
Spy Sunglasses
These unique new glasses look and function like regular sunglasses, but they also let you see what's going on behind you! Very useful when conducting discreet surveillances. For normal usage look forward; for rear viewing, just turn your eyes to either side. These special glasses also provide UV ray protection.
Tactical Watch Bands
One size fits all. Fully adjustable. Hook & Loop for superior fit. Fits all watches with pins (Seiko, Casio, Timex, etc.)
The Toolclip offers 13 powerful features to help you get the job done, it uses a heavy duty clip for secure fastening to a pocket, belt, pack, or any variety of mounts.
It has a full jaw pliers, grippers and wire cutter, pry bar, knives screwdriver, bottle opener, etc.

Length: 5.25"
Width: 1.25"
Depth: .5"
Weight: 7 oz.
Materials: Stainless Steel

Tool set Diesel/Heavy Equipment, 329 piece
Wrench, adjustable, 6"
Wrench, adjustable, 12"
Wrench, adjustable, 15"
Wrench, pipe, 18"
Wrench, pipe, heavy duty, 8"
Wrench, pipe, heavy duty, 14"
Wrench, combination, 1 1/4", 12 point
Pry bar, 16"
Pry bar, rolling head, 22"
Feeler gauge
Feeler gauge
Hammer, deadblow, 3 lb, 
Hammer, heavy duty, 40 oz.
Hammer, ball pein, 32 oz.
Pliers, long nose, 6 1/2"
Pliers, diagonal, 7"
Pliers, locking, curved jaw, 7" 
Scriber, carbide tip
Putty knife
Socket adapter, 3/8 - 1/4"
Socket adapter, 1/4 - 3/8"
Socket adapter, 3/8 - 1/2"
Socket adapter, 1/2 - 3/8"
Socket adapter, 1/2 - 3/4"
Pick-up tool, pocket, magnetic
Inspection mirror
Hex key set, 9 pieces, folding
Hex key set, 8 pieces, folding
Socket rack, standard, 1/4" (2)
Socket rack, standard, 3/8" (2)
Socket rack, standard, 1/2" (2)
Punch/chisel set, 12 piece
Circuit tester
Rule, steel, 6"
Electrical repair tool, multifunction
Seal pick
Socket, drag link, 9/16"
Socket, drag link, 15/16"
Drift punch, 5/16x12
Cold chisel, 1x12
Cold chisel, 3/4x12
Caliper, dial, 6"
Oil filter wrench
Top box (chest), 6 drawer 
Rollaway box, 5 drawer 
Safety glasses or goggles (Bookstore)
Flashlight (Bookstore)
Industrial Mechanics Tool set, standard 
Wrench, adjustable, 12"
Wrench, pipe, heavy duty, 14"
Rolling wedge bar
Pry bar, 16"
Hammer, Nupla, soft face
Hammer, ball pein, 16 oz.
Belt, leather
Tool pouch
Clamp-on tester, 9 range, analog
Extension bar, 6", 1/4" drive
Helmet, welding
Goggles, welding
Mask, flexible
Gloves, welding
Welding cape/sleeve 
Spark lighter
Tape measure, 1/2" x 12'
Tape, Lufkin, 3/4" x 25'
Chipping hammer with brush
Pliers, locking, 7 1/2"
Tip cleaner
Driver, hand impact
Nutdriver, Xcelite, long, 3/16"
Nutdriver, Xcelite, long, 1/4"
Nutdriver, Xcelite, long, 5/16"
Nutdriver, Xcelite, long, 11/32"
Nutdriver, Xcelite, long, 3/8"
Hex key set, SAE
Hex key set, MM
Wrench set, large size, 6 piece
Socket set, 9 piece
Socket set, 9 piece
Combination wrench set, 15 piece, 12 point
Electrical repair tool, multifunction
Caliper, dial, 6"
Top box (chest), 6 drawer 
Safety glasses or goggles (Bookstore)
Auto Mechanics Tool set, 329 piece
Electrical tool
Electrical repair tool
Scriber, general, carbide tip
Screw starter, slotted
Wrench, adjustable, 4"
Terminal puller
Battery brush
Brake spring tool
Brake resetting tool
Bleeder wrench
Brake shoe tool
Remote starter switch
KD gap gauge
Screwdriver torx with bits
Torx socket set, 7 piece
Socket adapter, 3/8 - 1/2" drive
Socket adapter, 1/2 - 3/8" drive
Flare nut wrench set, metric, 5 piece
Pliers, long nose, 6 1/2"
Pliers, diagonal, 7"
Pliers, locking, 7 1/2"
Pry bar, 16"
Voltage tester, high/low
Wire brush 7/8" x 13 3/4"
Feeler gauge
KD feeler gauge
Hammer, deadblow, 2 lb, 
Hammer, ball pein, 12 oz.
Hammer, ball pein, 32 oz.
Putty knife
Rule, general, 6"
Socket rack, standard, 1/4"
Socket rack, standard, 3/8"
Socket rack, standard, 1/2"
Punch/chisel set, 12 piece
Vacuum pump
Oil filter wrench
Oil filter wrench
Vise grip, locking, 4"
Flashlight, black, AA battery 
Wrench set, adjustable, 2 piece
Top box (chest), 6 drawer 
Rollaway box, 5 drawer
Safety glasses or goggles (Bookstore)
Construction Technology Tool List
Framing hammer
Tape measure, 1 x 25', powerlock
Work apron
Knife, Stanley
Ace wood chisel, 3/4"
Rip hammer
Welding Tool List
Welding helmet, Jackson 
#10 lens for helmet 
Clear plastic lens for helmet and goggles 
Oxy-acetylene goggles G200-5H
Safety glasses or goggles
Leather gloves (1 pair)
Leather cape/collar/sleeve and bib 
Chipping hammer 
Vise grips, 5" 
Pliers, 6", Dayton 
Tape measure, 25' 
Wire brush, #388 
Lightning Bug lighter 
Tip cleaner 
Triglide - 1" (set of 5) $2.95
Universal Fit Holster
This Universal Holster is our wrap around custom fit holster used in all of our Executive Attache' Cases and Urban carrying cases (Fanny Packs).
Warded Padlock Keys
These five keys will quickly open any warded padlock with ease. Example: Master, Slaymaker, etc